Automated High Bay Warehouses for the Aviation Industry

Warehousing Technology for Aircraft Manufacture

Companies working in the aviation and defense sectors require dependable, efficient suppliers. In most cases the demanding delivery deadlines in the supply chain can only be achieved with the help of automated warehouses. This is where customers can count on DAMBACH Lagersysteme as a partner with real expertise. Just-in-time deliveries for production operations are extremely important in both the aviation and armaments industries. DAMBACH intralogistics solutions are as variable as the requirements—whether you need to move special containers carrying aircraft panels, variable load carriers for aircraft parts, aluminum sheets, spare parts or delicate electronic components. DAMBACH is a supplier of premium warehouse systems to the civil and military aviation industries. Our perfectly coordinated storage and retrieval machines (SRMs), load handling equipment, and conveyor systems guarantee excellent availability in the warehouse.

DAMBACH Aviation Industry Expertise

  • Familiar with the needs of aircraft manufacturers and their suppliers

  • Projects completed for civil and military applications

  • Handling of the most diverse load types (containers, pallets, panels, etc.)

  • Rated loads from 20 to 6000 kg

  • Consistently high standard of quality MADE IN GERMANY

  • All warehouse components from one supplier

  • More than 45 years of experience in intralogistics

Experience in Figures

Aircraft manufacturers who use DAMBACH warehouse systems can count on more than 45 years of experience.

  • Many projects completed for various manufacturers and suppliers

  • International experience and applications

  • QM certification

  • 24/7 service

Our Services for the Civil and Military Aviation Sectors

Rail-guided storage and retrieval machines, materials handling systems, load handling equipment, controls

Storage and retrieval machines for Automated High Bay Warehouses serving the Aviation Industry

Custom SRMs for every type of application—single or twin mast models with one or more telescopic elements, for small parts or pallets. DAMBACH can also supply curve-going rail-guided SRMs for warehouses requiring a very high level of accessibility, thus achieving 100% redundancy in the warehouse. It is also easy to equip each storage and retrieval machines with up to three shuttles for multi-deep storage.



Materials Handling Systems for the Aviation Industry

Variable load carriers call for flexible materials handling technology. Our modular system offers, for example, chain conveyors with two, three or four strands, zero pressure accumulation roller conveyors, efficient change-of-direction units, roller lift tables, and low-level turntables. DAMBACH conveyor systems guarantee gentle and secure flows of materials. In addition, all our materials handling elements are designed to achieve maximum throughput. Optimized interfaces between materials handling installations and storage and retrieval machines are the hallmark of DAMBACH systems.



Load Handling Equipment for the Aviation Industry

Our many different load handling attachments help you to transport virtually any type of item. Whether chain conveyors with traverser units, telescopic forks with tilt function, the coupling of several telescopic forks or a telescoping conveyor belt unit, all DAMBACH load handling elements are developed and manufactured at one location—another guarantee for the secure transport of your loads and hence good availability.



Controls for Automated High Bay Warehouses serving the Aviation Industry

All warehouse systems can be fitted with an integral control. DAMBACH factory pre-wiring and commissioning results in high-quality, economical installations. In addition, this approach not only lessens the chance of errors, but also reduces the commissioning time on site. The simple interface is also quickly integrated into a warehouse management system.