Automated High Bay Warehouses for the Furniture Industry

Warehouse Systems for Furniture

Diverse options exist for furniture warehouses: furniture can be stored ready for dispatch or as separate components for assembly or further processing. DAMBACH Lagersysteme can provide tailored warehousing solutions to meet these different requirements. For example, order-picking from different pallets and unit loads is often an issue in the furniture industry in particular. Warehousing technology optimized for the loads has been intrinsic to our corporate philosophy for more than 40 years. Excellent performance and high throughput rates are frequently crucial for furniture warehouses. However, the reliability of all DAMBACH components means that even 24/7 operation is no problem.

DAMBACH Furniture Industry Expertise

  • Load handling equipment tailored to the goods

  • Gentle handling of diverse loads

  • Skilled in the storage of bulky items with different requirements in every aisle

  • High-quality parts for low wear despite high loads

  • Order-picking from Euro, Chep, and industrial pallets, also mesh boxes

Experience in Figures

Furniture warehouse operators who use DAMBACH warehouse systems can count on more than 40 years of experience.

  • 45 m high furniture warehouse

  • 120 facilities completed

  • Handling of all furniture loads – from components to complete items

  • Rated loads of up to 6000 kg

  • 40 years of experience in this sector

Our Services for the Furniture Industry

Rail-guided stacker cranes, materials handling systems, load handling equipment, controls

Rail-guided Stacker Cranes for Furniture Storage

The furniture industry places high performance demands on stacker cranes. DAMBACH rail-guided stacker cranes are among the fastest on the market and can also achieve tremendous throughput rates. Thanks to the close cooperation between development and production coupled with established quality control processes, our stacker cranes satisfy the toughest demands. In addition, they allow flexible modifications to suit the loads, with aisle-bound and curve-going, single and twin mast models available. They ensure safe, fast transport at all times, and can also be used for production operations where, for example, different boards are collected and transported ready for further processing.



Materials Handling Systems for Furniture Storage

To ensure an optimum interface with the high bay warehouse, our stacker cranes are perfectly matched to our materials handling systems. Chain conveyors, roller conveyors, lift tables, turntables, change-of-direction units, vertical conveyors, and transfer wagons are ideal for the fast transport of palletized goods.



Load Handling Equipment for Furniture Storage

Whether you are storing robust or fragile goods, DAMBACH load handling attachments can be adapted to every situation. Suction cups can be used to move goods carefully. Wooden boards without load carriers can be stored directly with telescopic elements or chain conveyors.



Controls for Furniture Storage

A reliable control is essential for ensuring that all the interfaces in a furniture warehouse engage smoothly, is crucial for securing high throughput rates and permanent availability. Another advantage is the factory pre-wiring, which guarantees fast commissioning. DAMBACH provides Siemens and Allen-Bradley controls for stacker cranes and conveyor systems.