Automation for Drinks Warehouses

Warehouse Systems for the Drinks Industry — from Bottles to Barrels

Whether you’re storing milk in cartons, beer in crates or wine in casks, the performance demands in the drinks industry are huge. For drinks manufacturers and distributors as well as filling plant operators, choosing the right storage method is crucial.

Maximum availability and maximum throughput are the main priorities here. Stacker cranes, shuttles, and conveyor systems require sufficient capacity reserves if they are to react adequately to seasonal peaks. Strict hygiene stipulations in some plants, temperature zones, heavy loads, many different load carriers, and fragile drinks containers result in further requirements to be met.

By using customized stacker cranes, materials handling technology, and load handling equipment, DAMBACH Lagersysteme is able to tackle the many different requirements economically and effectively. Maximum reliability and good efficiency are key components for reaching the best solution for an automated drinks warehouse. With more than 40 years of experience in drinks logistics, DAMBACH can offer customers the right warehousing solution for every situation.

DAMBACH Drinks Industry Expertise

  • Several drinks transshipment depots completed

  • Load handling equipment by DAMBACH

  • Temperature-controlled warehouses, ripening stores, and cold stores

  • Experience with hygiene regulations

  • The use of foodstuffs-compliant oils and materials

  • COMPACT SHUTTLE for fast storage and retrieval

  • Order-picking in different temperature zones

Experience in Figures

Operators of warehouses for the drinks industry who use DAMBACH systems can count on more than 40 years of experience.

  • Knowledge of the beverages sector

  • More than 250 projects completed

  • Stacker cranes with rated loads of up to 6000 kg

  • Pallet handling technology for 1500 kg rated load at high speeds (max. 0.5 m/s)

  • From ripening stores to the further processing of drinks and liquids

Our Services for the Drinks Industry

Rail-guided stacker cranes, materials handling systems, load handling equipment, controls

Rail-Guided Stacker Cranes for Drinks Warehouses

For stacker cranes in drinks warehouses, high throughput rates are essential. Because despite the heavy loads (up to 6000 kg), the liquids must be moved safely and quickly. Even in the case of 24/7 three-shift operations, DAMBACH stacker cranes guarantee maximum dependability for order-picking and flow storage applications. DAMBACH stacker cranes can be supplied as single or twin mast models regardless of the number of load carriers. And when performance has to be upgraded later, then additional drives, for example, can be installed to maintain full flexibility and also meet future needs. DAMBACH can also supply stacker cranes with a special toothed rack drive for fast-mover product zones.



Materials Handling Systems for Drinks Warehouses

DAMBACH materials handling technology is designed to work with DAMBACH stacker cranes and therefore just as flexible in use. It is the perfect link in the material flow chain from warehouse to apron. The many components of our modular system, e.g. chain and roller conveyors, turntables, lift tables, change-of-direction units, vertical elevators, and transfer wagons, can be ideally combined to suit every application. DAMBACH pallet handling installations, with rated loads of up to 1500 kg and high conveyor speeds of up to 0.5 m/s, are perfect for the needs of drinks logistics.



Load Handling Equipment for Drinks Warehouses

We develop and produce our own load handling attachments so that, despite the high demands, every load can be transported properly. And not just telescopic elements, but also attachments for special applications, e.g. roller or chain conveyor units with tilting options or swivel traverse forks. For warehouses with multi-deep storage, customers choose our high-performance COMPACT SHUTTLE, which is repositioned in different lanes by a stacker crane. Whether crates, barrels or bottles, the choice of the right load handling equipment ensures an ideal solution for any automated warehouse.



Controls for Drinks Warehouses

A smooth-running system consisting of many different components requires a suitable control. For example, cooled control cabinets are configured to suit temperature-controlled warehouses. Factory pre-wiring guarantees fast installation and commissioning for stacker cranes and conveyor systems. A control from DAMBACH Lagersysteme rounds off an installation with diverse elements and ensures optimum material flows.

DAMBACH can equip an automated warehouse with its DSE (DAMBACH SMART ENERGY MANAGEMENT) system to improve the energy balance and hence the economics. Implementing DSE in DAMBACH stacker cranes shows that environmental thinking and economic efficiency are not mutually exclusive. On the contrary, they complement each other. Because DSE not only reduces energy consumption, it also maintains current throughput, indeed can even increase it.