Automotive Storage

Different Requirements, Tailored Solutions

From large car bodies to small vehicle components, from heavy cast parts to delicate electronics, the automotive sector is highly diversified. Every load calls for individual, custom warehousing technology. Automotive manufacturers and their suppliers have the most diverse requirements. Different regulations have to be observed and national standards must be met. Availabilities of 99% plus careful transportation of components represent enormous challenges. In order to comply with automotive standards and equipment regulations, our rail-guided storage and retrieval machines (SRMs), materials handling systems, and load handling solutions are perfectly coordinated. Products from DAMBACH Lagersysteme are as flexible as the requirements they have to meet.

DAMBACH Automotive Expertise

  • Our own CARRIER systems for vehicle components and SKID handling

  • Handling of wheels, tires, and wheel/tire combinations

  • Coordinated interfaces between ­SRMs and materials handling systems

  • Supplier to many renowned manufacturers

  • DAMBACH control expertise

  • Maximum reliability

  • Anticipatory service monitoring

  • Experience with warehouses requiring explosion protection

  • Lower noise emissions

Experience in Figures

Automotive warehouse owners who use DAMBACH warehouse systems can count on more than 45 years of experience.

  • More than 250 automotive projects completed worldwide

  • Oldest warehouse in the automotive industry – in ­operation for 40 years

  • Warehousing technology for engines, tires, seats, etc.

  • Extensive experience in chassis, pressed parts, and bodywork storage

  • High bay warehouse 45 m high for pressed car body parts

  • Projects completed across the whole supply chain – from screws to finished vehicles

  • Experience in the truck sector

Our Services for the Automotive Sector

Rail-guided storage and retrieval machines, materials handling, load handling, controls

Rail-Guided Storage and Retrieval Machines for Automotive Warehouses

Efficiency and performance count in warehouses for components, ­pressed parts, and bodywork. DAMBACH storage and retrieval machines ­combine those strengths and, in addition, ensure maximum ­flexibility. We can respond quickly to increased requirements because the ­individual modules enable custom solutions for any warehouse. For example, drives can be retrofitted to improve performance.



Materials Handling for Automotive Warehouses

Demands regarding availability and economy are especially high in the automotive sector. All our products are known for their sturdiness and ease of servicing – ensured by the use of standard modules and ­identical parts plus factory-installed wiring. Efficiency during transport from warehouse to apron calls for an ­optimum interface with the storage and retrieval machine. The highly ­variable components of DAMBACH conveyor systems ­guarantee that this is the case for every specification, every situation. Whether pallets, mesh box pallets or other load CARRIERS, all our ­components ensure careful yet dynamic materials flows. Our flexible portfolio includes chain conveyors, roller conveyors, turntables, lift ­tables with rollers or chains, change-of-direction units with chains, ­vertical conveyors, and transfer wagons.



Load Handling for Automotive Warehouses

Dependable load-handling equipment is vital for car bodies or chassis. To realize pick-and-place movements in automotive production lines, DAMBACH telescopic forks can be equipped with an eccentric stroke. Therefore, they are ideal for combining with DAMBACH materials-handling components such as the transfer wagon.

The COMPACT SHUTTLE has performed real pioneering work in multi-deep storage. And it still uses groundbreaking technologies: The energy for the powerful 400 V three-phase motors and the all-wheel traction comes from efficient power caps that last much longer than conventional batteries. The excellent throughput therefore remains at the very highest level – 24/7.



Controls for Automotive Warehouses

The multi-stage DAMBACH control solutions ensure high throughput rates in automated warehouses. Factory-installed wiring and perfectly coordinated control ­hardware guarantee fast installation and commissioning. And thanks to smart energy management with energy ­recovery, our products are extremely efficient.

Decentralized control concepts minimize the work when commissioning conveyor systems. This great user friendliness also extends to maintenance: With a virtual private network (VPN) and a well thought out combination of camera and sensor technology, remote diagnoses, analyses, and remote maintenance are no problem. All relevant data is available quickly and in full detail.