Cold Storage

High performance, despite arctic temperatures.

Dealing with arctic temperatures down to -30 °C in cold stores is a serious business. Materials-handling and warehousing technology and service personnel must work under extreme conditions.

Many factors have to be considered in cold storage projects. Energy consumption is a critical issue; a high space utilisation ratio is needed to optimise the energy balance. Further aspects are high throughput rates coupled with dependable availability plus the use of foodstuffs-compliant materials that are reliable at subzero temperatures. And the harsh working conditions call for easily serviced and ergonomic product solutions.

DAMBACH cold storage expertise

  • Optimum exploitation of material behaviour
  • Foodstuffs-compliant lubricants fit for subzero temperatures
  • Certified electrics and sensors
  • Minimised approach dimensionsMulti-deep storage
  • Heights up to 49 m
  • Smart interfaces between rail-guided stacker cranes and materials-handling systems
  • Heated components
  • Maximum ease of servicing

Experience in figures

Cold store owners who use DAMBACH warehouse systems can count on more than 40 years of experience.

  • More than 300 cold storage projects completed worldwide
  • Oldest cold store system in operation for 25 years
  • Cold storage applications down to -30 °C
  • Extensive experience in the foodstuffs industry
  • Highest automated cold store in Europe
  • Highest and largest cold store in China
  • Largest foodstuffs warehouse in the United Arab Emirates

Our services in cold storage environment

Rail-guided stacker cranes, materials-handling, Load-handling, control

Rail-guided stacker cranes in cold storage

DAMBACH rail-guided stacker cranes are based on a modular system. We can therefore design and build bespoke solutions and respond fast and flexibly to customers' requests. For example, performance can be upgraded at a later date by retrofitting additional drives. Rail-guided stacker cranes therefore take on a key role when it comes to efficiency and performance in cold stores.



Materials-handling in cold storage

The DAMBACH materials-handling catalogue contains many different components designed to achieve precisely coordinated interfaces with rail-guided stacker cranes. This variable, all-embracing range is suitable for the extreme conditions of cold stores and so guarantees fast and effective materials flows from the warehouse itself to the apron. Roller conveyors, chain conveyors, roller lift tables, turntables, vertical conveyors and transfer wagons ensure that pallets and mesh boxes are safely transported. Ease of servicing, with many identical parts and standard modules, is a decisive advantage, particularly for cold store applications. The pre-installed wired DAMBACH conveyor systems are especially economical and durable.



Load-handling in cold storage

Load-handling equipment developed and manufactured by DAMBACH is conceived for optimum use with DAMBACH rail-guided stacker cranes and materials-handling systems. All DAMBACH load-handling units are distinguished by their durability and compactness, which results in good space utilisation. Over the years, special lubricants and hardened guides have proved invaluable for cold store applications. The DAMBACH COMPACT SHUTTLE is a pioneer in multi-deep storage - an ideal solution for rail-guided stacker cranes or materials-handling systems. Its 400 V three-phase motors and all-wheel traction ensure exceptional throughput rates. And with power supplied by highly efficient power caps, DAMBACH Compact Shuttles are perfect for low temperatures as power caps have a much longer life than regular batteries.



Controls in cold storage

The multi-stage DAMBACH control solutions are the convincing answer for every requirement - from pre-installed wiring to control hardware to integrated software. Pre-installation for rail-guided stacker cranes and materials-handling systems guarantees fast setup and commissioning times in cold stores. Remote diagnosis and remote servicing via a virtual private network (VPN) are possible for all systems. The use of the very latest visualisation options coupled with innovative camera systems and sensors allows comprehensive logging. And that relieves the workload on cold store operating and maintenance personnel.


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