Automated warehouses for mail-order operations

Warehousing technology for mail-order companies

More and more consumers are making their purchases in the comfort of their own homes through online shops, Internet platforms or even printed catalogs. Sales teams enjoy the benefits of reaching larger target groups, but at the same time face the challenge of processing and shipping orders quickly. The ensuing demands plus the need to manage returned goods call for more and more efficient warehousing solutions. DAMBACH can supply flexible, economic concepts based on diverse, automated warehouse systems. With more than 40 years of experience in intralogistics, we have established ourselves as an expert partner.

Trouble-free, fast provision of goods and processing of orders are important factors for a successful mail-order business. DAMBACH Lagersysteme can supply optimum solutions for any branch of industry, any products, in the form of custom automated warehousing technology (stacker cranes, conveyor solutions, shuttles, load handling). Well-developed, efficient materials handling installations and rail-guided stacker cranes guarantee quick storage and retrieval operations in warehouses. By producing our own load handling equipment, we are able to handle virtually any product without problems—irrespective of whether the products are electrical goods, clothing or household articles. MADE IN GERMANY is more than just a label for DAMBACH Lagersysteme; with production and development located in Baden-Württemberg, it is intrinsic to our corporate culture. All materials handling systems are perfectly harmonized with each other and checked prior to shipping. So that we can ensure the high availability required by mail-order firms.

DAMBACH expertise for mail-order businesses

  • Custom solutions
  • Coordinated interfaces between warehousing components — stacker cranes, conveyor systems, shuttles, load handling equipment
  • Load handling equipment by DAMBACH — scalable for different unit loads
  • Handling of pallets, boxes, containers, and special unit loads
  • MADE IN GERMANY — development and production at one location
  • Flexible, well-developed materials handling technology
  • Single- or twin-mast stacker cranes
  • More than 40 years of experience in intralogistics

Experience in figures

Mail-order companies that install DAMBACH warehouse systems can count on more than 40 years of experience.

  • More than 6,000 projects completed
  • Active worldwide
  • Tallest automated small-parts warehouse in Germany
  • Important cold store experience
  • Handling of all kinds of unit loads
  • Experience in many sectors
  • Scalable rated loads from 20 to 6,000 kg

Our services for mail-order businesses

Rail-guided stacker cranes, materials handling systems, load handling equipment, controls

Rail-guided stacker cranes for mail-order warehouses

High availability of goods plus flexible warehousing solutions are the keys to success in the mail-order business. DAMBACH can supply rail-guided stacker cranes for the automated storage of small parts or pallets. Our stacker cranes are among the fastest, most efficient on the market. They are as variable as the demands placed on them and can be supplied in single- or twin-mast versions. Furthermore, their modular construction enables them to be upgraded at a later date. Whether customers need curve-going stacker cranes for high redundancy, single-mast stacker cranes that can reach up to 49 m or small-parts stacker cranes for the most challenging loads, DAMBACH has the ideal answer for every customer request.

Materials handling systems for mail-order warehouses

The flexible DAMBACH materials handling elements can be used to create a huge range of different material flow options. Robust materials handling components such as roller and chain conveyors, turntables, change-of-direction units, roller lift tables, vertical conveyors, and transfer wagons guarantee safe, fast transport for loads weighing up to 1,500 kg. Perfectly coordinated interfaces between the materials handling installation and the stacker cranes in the high bay warehouse are the foundation for the efficient and economic processing of orders. Both consumers and system integrators benefit from the advantages of a supplier who can offer both rail-guided stacker cranes and conveyor solutions. This is emphasized by the DAMBACH factory pre-wiring and quality control measures to reduce the complexity yet further.

Load handling equipment for mail-order warehouses

DAMBACH load handling attachments are in use on stacker cranes and materials handling equipment. DAMBACH relies on its own development and production for the safe, secure transport of a diverse range of unit loads. Whether boxes, trays, crates, containers or various pallets, we have the right solution for every unit load. Thanks to perfectly coordinated interfaces and quality control measures, DAMBACH telescopic forks are among the most reliable on the market.

Controls for mail-order warehouses

DAMBACH can provide a consistent, decentralized control concept for its warehousing technology to make sure that goods are quickly made ready for shipping. Material flows can therefore be optimized and easily adjusted to the warehousing requirements. By employing factory pre-wiring and plug&play concepts, it is also possible to reduce complexity during installation and speed up commissioning considerably.