Automated High Bay Warehouses for the Pharmaceuticals Industry

Safe Storage

The requirements in the pharmaceuticals sector are certainly complex: from cooled storage to storage at specific temperatures, from standard warehouse to extreme cleanliness, from customary to highly efficient drive technology, etc.

The extremes of this branch of industry present a very wide range of applications. With its comprehensive range of products, DAMBACH Lagersysteme can offer nonstandard options to meet the needs of customers’ projects exactly.

Our storage and retrieval machines can be integrated in special solutions to meet the most diverse requirements: The cooled warehouse that places special demands on mechanical and electrical parts, or stricter air quality conditions, which calls for the selection of special materials and subassemblies.


When it comes to high energy efficiency, pharmaceuticals companies often play a pioneer role. So the idea of “green thinking” is transferred to warehouse systems. The use of storage modules enables the excess braking energy to be buffered or used directly elsewhere. Savings of up to 40% are possible here.


DAMBACH Pharmaceuticals Expertise


  • Load handling equipment by DAMBACH for transporting many different customer pallets and containers
  • Passive and active systems for stabilizing the goods on the SRM during transport
  • High-precision control systems for maximizing SRM throughput
  • Special control expertise for handling partly filled liquid containers or partly loaded pallets
  • Fire protection installations, e.g. extinguishing systems in electrical cabinets
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Interior climate conditions: from cold store to heated warehouse

Experience in Figures

Pharmaceutical warehouse operators who use DAMBACH warehouse systems can count on more than 45 years of experience.

  • Pioneer in the pharmaceuticals branch - first pharmaceuticals warehouse in the 1960s
  • More than 100 pharmaceuticals warehouses
  • International projects
  • More than 45 years of experience
  • Numerous succesful plant modernization projects
  • Mechanical and control upgrades for SRMs

Our Services for the Pharmaceuticals Industry

Storage and retrieval machines, controls, materials handling systems

Rail-Guided Storage and Retrieval Machines for the Pharmaceuticals Industry
Our single and twin mast models can handle the most diverse pallet formats without any problems. Special pallets made from aluminum and plastic are often used and they must be handled very carefully. Our SRMs are based on an especially stable, low-vibration design that makes them ideal for transporting such pallets. The use of special pallets often results in low friction between load handling element and pallet, which places real demands on the engineering. Another advantage is the clearly defined interfaces between warehouse system and load handling equipment. Maximum operational reliability is achieved because we develop and manufacture our own high-quality telescopic elements and equipment for handling small parts.


Controls for the Pharmaceuticals Industry
The variable DAMBACH control solutions are ideal for every requirement – from factory-installed wiring to custom control hardware to integrated software. Pre-installation for SRMs and materials handling equipment ensures fast setup and commissioning times, so even the most complex materials handling systems can be implemented economically. Remote diagnosis and remote servicing via a virtual private network (VPN) are possible with all DAMBACH control solutions. The use of custom DAMBACH visualization options coupled with the latest camera systems allows comprehensive logging and monitoring. That relieves the workload on operating and maintenance personnel and reduces the costs accordingly.


Materials Handling Technology for the Pharmaceuticals Industry
With its many diverse components, the well-developed range of DAMBACH materials handling products simplifies the interfaces with the storage and retrieval machines. These variable elements guarantee fast and effective materials flows from the actual warehouse via production and right up to dispatch. Driven roller conveyors, chain conveyors with two or three strands, lift tables with roller/chain conveyors, turntables, change-of-direction units, vertical conveyors, and dynamic traversers ensure safe, secure transport of pallets and mesh box pallets. Excellent ease of servicing and standardized modules are the crucial advantages of DAMBACH pallet handling technology.