Small-Parts and Pallet Warehouses for Commercial Enterprises

Automation Solutions for Online Retailers

Ever faster delivery times, the increasing number of articles, more and more returns, and seasonal fluctuations represent enormous challenges for retailers. At the same time, consumers’ expectations are growing. All these factors not only put pressure on costs, but also increase the demand for flexible, economic, sustainable solutions. With more than 45 years of experience in intralogistics, DAMBACH Lagersysteme has established itself as a strong, dependable partner.

The omnichannel model means that retailers can always offer their customers several channels as purchasing options. All business models – whether traditional bricks-and-mortar shops or direct shipping by online retailers – require fast, trouble-free provision of goods. Direct, full-service customer support is important for wholesalers in particular. The key to success here is customized warehousing solutions matching the market sector and product portfolio. No matter whether electrical goods, cosmetics, books, furniture or household articles are involved, DAMBACH Lagersysteme can provide optimum warehousing technology for any product. Our high-quality products mean high availability of goods so that online retailers can serve their customers properly.

DAMBACH Expertise for eCommerce

  • Load handling equipment by DAMBACH – scalable for almost any unit load
  • Boxes, containers, crates, and special unit loads
  • MADE IN GERMANY – all products from one supplier
  • Maximum reliability, best quality
  • Coordinated interfaces between all warehouse components – storage and retrieval machines, conveyor systems, shuttles, load handling equipment
  • Automated storage and retrieval machines handling small loads for maximum throughput
  • Small-parts warehouses up to 27 m high
  • Single- or twin-mast storage and retrieval machines

Experience in Figures

Online retailers who install DAMBACH warehouse systems can count on more than 45 years of experience.

  • Tallest automated small-parts warehouse in Germany
  • Foodstuffs cold store for cardboard boxes
  • Simultaneous handling of several unit loads
  • Experience in all sectors
  • Scalable rated loads from 20 to 6,000 kg

Our Services for Online Retailers or eCommerce

Rail-guided storage and retrieval machines, materials handling systems, load handling equipment, controls

Rail-Guided Storage and Retrieval Machines for Automated Warehouses

High availability of goods and flexible warehouse solutions are critical in online retailing. In addition, whether for automated storage of small parts or pallets, storage and retrieval machines (SRMs) must operate fast and reliably. DAMBACH SRMs combine these requirements, and their high quality is impressive. Based on a modular design, it is easy to upgrade their performance or adapt them to new requirements at a later date. DAMBACH SRMs (e.g. the DAMBACH MINI-LOAD for small parts) are as flexible as the requirements of online retailing.

Materials Handling Systems for Automated Warehouses

Well-developed conveyors installations are essential for the fast and efficient processing of orders. DAMBACH Lagersysteme can supply a whole range of materials handling components such as roller and chain conveyors, turntables, change-of-direction units, roller lift tables, vertical conveyors, and transfer wagons. We can therefore guarantee a perfectly coordinated interface with the racking and smooth material flows. In addition, vertical conveyors enable goods to be fed into and out of the material flow on various levels. DAMBACH materials handling technology can be flexibly adapted to customer specifications and helps to ensure efficient processing of items for shipping.

Load Handling Equipment for Automated Warehouses

The heart of every storage and retrieval machines is its load handling equipment. To ensure that even sensitive goods are transported safely and securely, we develop and produce all our load handling attachments ourselves. That not only means that we can react to customers’ requirements exactly, it also guarantees a consistently high standard of quality. Whether double-deep box grabs, combination telescopic units, telescoping conveyor belts or telescopic forks, DAMBACH has the ideal answer for every application. So even the most challenging of unit loads, e.g. trays, boxes or containers, can be transported without problems.

Controls for Automated Warehouses

One of the most important aspects of online retailing is the quick and simple purchasing process. In order to guarantee this during the actual transport of the goods as well, DAMBACH can provide a consistent control concept. DAMBACH warehousing technology—whether SRM, conveyor system or shuttle—is pre-assembled and tested at our factory. Decentralized control concepts can speed up commissioning on site and reduce the complexity. Dependable functionality is our number one priority here.