Automated High Bay Warehouses for the Tobacco Industry

From Tobacco Leaves and Cigarette Filters to Finished Packs

DAMBACH Lagersysteme can supply tailored storage and retrieval machines (SRMs), pallet shuttle systems, and materials handling installations for all the storage Needs of the tobacco industry – from raw materials in containers to finished goods on pallets. Companies demand efficiency, top reliability, and well-developed safety concepts. Custom warehousing technology from DAMBACH is the right choice for the large production quantities and challenging conditions of the tobacco industry. DAMBACH SRMs can be matched to the respective requirements of the load carriers and guarantee that all products are carefully transported. All interfaces are verified through load handling equipment developed and produced by us. Fire protection concepts geared to the needs of the tobacco industry ensure safe storage. With its broad product range, DAMBACH can supply many different warehousing and materials handling solutions. Warehouses with a high storage density for finished goods are served by storage and retrieval machines (SRM) plus DAMBACH Compact Shuttles (DCS). The MULTIFLEX pallet shuttle system is ideal for warehouses with a high throughput, e.g. for raw materials stores alongside production plants. Seamless interfaces between the SRMs, load handling attachments, and materials handling systems on the apron ensure safe, reliable materials flows.

DAMBACH Tobacco Industry Expertise

  • DAMBACH load handling Equipment for many different containers and pallets
  • Coordinated interfaces between SRMs, load handling Equipment, and materials handling
  • Supplier to many renowned manufacturers
  • One of the market Leaders for tobacco warehouses in China
  • Own Control expertise
  • Maximum reliability
  • Various fire protection concepts
  • Anticipatory Service monitoring
  • High-Density Storage

Experience in Figures

Tobacco warehouse operators who use DAMBACH warehouse systems can count on more than 45 years of experience.

  • Many Projects completed for the tobacco industry
  • more than 40 tobacco warehouses in China
  • International projects
  • More than 45 years of experience
  • Energy Management Systems - Peak currents cut by up to 80% and 40% Energy savings

Our Services for the Tobacco Industry

Storage and retrieval machines, materials handling systems, load handling equipment, pallet shuttle systems, electric rail systems, controls

Rail-Guided Storage and Retrieval Machines for the Tobacco Industry
Warehouses at production plants for tobacco products must satisfy very high requirements regarding efficiency and reliability. DAMBACH satisfies both these conditions. The materials in use in the tobacco industry are highly flammable. In response to this, DAMBACH can supply a fire extinguishing system with smoke detection, for instance. A well-developed safety concept coupled with reliable warehousing technology ensures high warehouse availability.


MULTIFLEX Pallet Shuttle Systems for the Tobacco Industry
Buffer stores in tobacco production are characterized by low building heights, large numbers of storage positions, limited storage areas, and high throughputs. DAMBACH MULTIFLEX systems fully comply with all those requirements. Various storage principles are possible, e.g. “first in, first out” or “first in, last out”.


Load Handling Attachments for the Tobacco Industry
The heart of any high bay warehouse is the storage and retrieval machine and the key component is the load handling attachment. The telescopic Forks developed by DAMBACH have already proved their worth at the plants of many tobacco industry customers. The COMPACT SHUTTLE has performed real pioneering work in multi-deep storage. Even today, it is still using advanced technologies: The energy for the powerful 400 V three-phase motors and the all-wheel traction comes from efficient power caps that last much longer than conventional batteries. The excellent throughput therefore remains at the very highest level – 24/7.


Controls for the Tobacco Industry
DAMBACH controls are perfectly matched to the diverse products and are easily actuated via simple interfaces. Various pre-delivery commissioning procedures help to minimize the installation time at the plant.