Warehouse Systems for Foodstuffs Storage

Excellent Performance despite Sensitive Goods

Not all foodstuffs are the same. However, irrespective of the actual product, the main requirements for storage and retrieval machines (SRMs) and coveyor systems are identical throughout foodstuffs logistics: maximum availability, best kinematics – taking into account individual travel controls to protect products and technical configurations specific to the storage needs of this sector. Applications for dry goods as well as fresh items and cold storage are possible despite different temperature zones and the modified air humidity. DAMBACH Lagersysteme can provide optimum solutions to suit all foodstuff types.

DAMBACH Expertise for Foodstuffs

  • Optimum product-specific configurations

  • The use of foodstuffs-compliant lubricants, oils, and materials

  • Applications for different temperature zones with different humidities

  • Tried-and-tested electrics and sensors

  • Single-, double- or multi-deep storage

  • Smart interfaces between SRMs and conveyor systems

  • Maximum ease of servicing

  • Extensive experience in the foodstuffs sector

Experience in Figures

Foodstuffs warehouse operators who use DAMBACH warehouse systems can count on more than 45 years of experience.

  • More than 800 foodstuffs projects completed worldwide

  • Many warehouses have been operating for 25 years

  • Tallest automated foodstuffs warehouse in Europe

  • Tallest foodstuffs warehouse in Asia

  • Largest foodstuffs warehouse in the United Arab Emirates

Our Services for Foodstuffs Applications

Rail-guided storage and retrieval machines, materials handling systems, load handling equipment, controls

Rail-Guided Storage and Retrieval Machines for the Foodstuffs Sector

DAMBACH storage and retrieval machines ensure custom solutions for storage and order-picking projects in the foodstuffs sector. Individual warehouse systems are possible for applications involving dry goods as well as fresh items and cold storage. The modular configuration even allows subsequent performance upgrades, achieved, for example, by fitting additional drives. Each SRM can be ideally adapted to the respective requirements of the foodstuffs sector.



Materials Handling Systems for the Foodstuffs Sector

With its many different conveyor components, the range of DAMBACH materials handling products simplifies the interfaces with the storage and retrieval machines. These variable elements guarantee fast and effective material flows from the actual warehouse through production and right up to dispatch.

Driven roller conveyors, chain conveyors with two or three strands, lift tables with roller/chain conveyors, turntables, change-of-direction units, vertical conveyors, and dynamic traversers ensure safe, secure transport of pallets and mesh box pallets. Excellent ease of servicing and standardized modules are the crucial advantages of DAMBACH pallet handling technology.



Load handling Equipment for the Foodstuffs Sector

By developing and producing its own load handling attachments, DAMBACH sets the standard in the logistics sector. Innovative technologies (power caps), flexibility, and high quality standards enable us to comply with the highest expectations of our customers. DAMBACH products employ special materials, lubricants, and oils so they are also suitable for handling very sensitive foodstuffs.

The DAMBACH COMPACT SHUTTLE is ideal for the multi-deep storage applications of the foodstuffs sector. It can be used with SRMs and in materials handling systems. Its 400 V three-phase motors and all-wheel traction ensure highly dynamic throughput rates.



Controls for the Foodstuffs Sector

The variable DAMBACH control solutions are ideal for every requirement—from factory-installed wiring to custom control hardware to integrated software. Pre-installation for storage and retrieval machines and materials handling equipment guarantees fast setup and commissioning times, so even the most complex conveyor systems can be implemented economically.

Remote diagnosis and remote servicing via a virtual private network (VPN) are possible with all DAMBACH control solutions. The use of custom DAMBACH visualization options coupled with the latest camera systems allows comprehensive logging and monitoring. That relieves the workload on operating and maintenance personnel and reduces the costs accordingly.