Warehouse Systems for the Paper Industry

Automated Storage Solutions for Variable Weights and Sizes

Whether serving storage or immediate processing needs, warehouses for the paper industry represent a special challenge, because every size, every weight requires its own solution. For more than 45 years, the business of DAMBACH Lagersysteme has been to offer every customer a tailored solution. By using premium materials handling systems and automated high bay warehouses, DAMBACH can always provide the right storage technology. Whether you need to handle heavy rolls of paper that have to be prepared for cutting to size or thin wooden boards that require extremely careful storage, DAMBACH has the right load handling attachments, such as multi-telescoping booms and hold-down arms. Direct access and high availability are the hallmarks here.

DAMBACH Paper Industry Expertise

  • Warehouses for rolls, sheets, boards, cardboard or packaging

  • Load handling equipment developed by DAMBACH

  • Various load handling attachments for goods with or without load carriers

  • Coordinated holding systems for lightweight and sensitive goods

  • Robust design for heavy loads

  • Rated loads from 20 to 6000 kg

  • Coordinated interfaces between warehouse and production

Experience in Figures

Paper warehouse operators who use DAMBACH warehouse systems can count on more than 45 years of experience.

  • 300 warehouses for the paper industry

  • 45 years of experience in the storage of paper

  • Extensive range of products for storage and retrieval machines

  • 35 m high warehouse for paper

  • Australia’s biggest manufacturer of wood-based products equipped by DAMBACH

Our Services for the Paper Industry

Rail-guided storage and retrieval machines, materials handling systems, load handling equipment, controls

Rail-Guided Storage and Retrieval Machines for Paper Storage

When it comes to transporting paper in the warehouse, full power is essential. But DAMBACH storage and retrieval machines (SRMs) can easily satisfy the high performance demands. High throughput in three-shift operation around the clock calls for top quality, highly reliable SRMs. As single or twin mast versions or designed for operation in multiple aisles, DAMBACH offers the right solution for every challenge.



Materials Handling Systems for Paper Storage

With their many combination options, the elements of the modular conveyor systems by DAMBACH are ideal for palletized goods in the paper industry, enabling a flexible materials flow with the help of various materials handling components. Whether you require roller conveyors or chain conveyors with two, three or four strands, turntables, lift tables, change-of-direction units or vertical conveyors, DAMBACH can provide optimum solutions for the most diverse requirements.



Load Handling Equipment for Paper Storage

Different types of load, from rolls to sheets to boards, require different load handling attachments. Whether loads are to be stored with or without pallets, boxes, etc., DAMBACH can supply the load handling equipment to suit your needs, always bearing in mind the sensitivity of the items to be stored. For example, six to eight telescopic forks can be combined, chain conveyors fitted with traverser units or hold-down arms incorporated to protect lightweight goods against damage.



Controls for Paper Storage

The best answer when you need to ensure full accessibility to your stored paper products is to add an integral control to your warehouse system. The benefits of factory pre-wiring are not only its robustness, but also the fast commissioning and good economics. Multistage control solutions ensure the high throughput rates often so essential in the paper industry.