Cold Storage Know-How is Based on Experience

Automated cold stores with temperatures as low as –30°C are not unusual. DAMBACH can supply bespoke rail-guided storage and retrieval machines and materials handling systems for the toughest applications as well.

Arctic temperatures down to –30 °C in cold storage is serious business and no rarity. Material-handling, warehousing technology and service personnel must work under extreme conditions.


Energy consumption is a critical issue for the sustainable operation of cold storage warehouses. A high space utilization ratio is an essential factor to optimized the energy balance.


With DAMBACH warehouse systems you can count on more than 40 years of experience in development, manufacturing and commissioning of storage and retrieval machines. The oldest cold store system in operation for 25 years proves that DAMBACH is the partner of choice.


General contractors and system integrators can count on DAMBACH stack-er cranes, materials-handling systems and load-handling equipment, such as the Compact Shuttle, form a perfectly tuned ensemble. That guarantees smooth materials flows between high bay warehouse and apron. Load-handling equipment developed and manufactured by DAMBACH inspire with compact design and durability.


The innovative DAMBACH Compact Shuttle enables storage positions up to 30 deep even in cold storage. 24/7 operations and load-carrying capacities up to 1500 kg is part of our standard.