DAMBACH presents new products for 2024

New heavy-duty storage and retrieval machine and dual Shuttle System

At this year's MODEX logistics fair in Atlanta, USA, DAMBACH presented solutions for reducing the energy consumption of automated storage systems as well as its new stacker cranes for heavy-duty work. Based on 50 years of experience, DAMBACH has developed a storage and retrieval machine (SRM) for payloads up to 12 tons. Special attention was paid to a robust wheel-rail system and a vibration-optimized mast design. This means that even very heavy and large load carriers can be stored dynamically. The flexibility in the choice of load handling attachments and the dimensions of the lifting trolley make the new MAGNO Stacker Crane extremely versatile.  Whether transporting colis with a telescopic cantilever arm or air freight containers with heavy-duty roller conveyors, the new heavy-duty stacker crane proves to be extremely flexible in use.  Combined with DAMBACH Smart Energy Management, it also meets modern requirements for sustainable warehouse technology.





The international trade fair for intralogistics solutions LogiMAT in Stuttgart, Germany, was the perfect occasion to present the new Pallet-Shuttle-System. Two synchronized shuttles in half-pallet format open up new possibilities for automated channel storage.  No matter whether it is the flexible mixed operation of plastic half pallets and Euro pallets in a racking system or the dual transportation of heavy-duty, unstable full pallets. Thanks to the optimum synchronization of the two SEMI SHUTTLES, pallets with special formats can also be stored multiple-deep. The additional middle channel rail provides additional support points for the pallet in the rack channel, resulting in increased stability. Each half-pallet shuttle can transport a payload of up to 800 kg in single operation and up to 1,500 kg in combined operation. With over 10 years of experience in the field of automatic shuttle systems, the new SEMI SHUTTLE is the perfect addition to the DAMBACH warehouse technology portfolio.