DAMBACH Storage and Retrieval Machines Operating for Geberit

The Geberit Logistics Center, successfully expanded by additional efficient and automated high-bay and small part warehouses.

The market leader for sanitary products Geberit had already decided to expand its largest German location in Pfullendorf in 2014. Three years and an investment of 40 million later this project is realised and the DAMBACH storage and retrieval machines  can show what they're made of.


Geberit already relied on the efficient and high performing DAMBACH storage and retrieval machines (SRM) for the realisation of its high-bay warehouse in 2008. These SRMs are construed for pallet transportation in the cross-dock warehouse, which contains differently sized bundles of pipes. The rail-guided machines with their ideal space usage and minimal approach dimensions provide 23 000 storage spaces with pallets.


In the course of the expansion in 2014, 8 additional storage and retrieval machines of the MONO series came into use in the fully automated pallet warehouse. With a speed of 210 m/min the SRMs have no problem mastering the aisle length of 83 m as well as a height of about 34 m. This way another 18 400 storage places can be provided with pallets.

Convinced by the SRMs quality and efficiency, Geberit also relies on DAMBACHs experience for the fully automated small-parts warehouse.


Here seven MINI-LOAD storage and retrieval machines with combination telescopic forks prove their value. The SRM motto "small loads great heights" reflects Geberits needs perfectly. The MINI-LOAD series combines dynamic kinematic values with large heights.




With an aisle length of 32 m storages and retrievals are made in heights of up to 16 m. The interference-prone interfaces are avoided by the constant and weight-optimized steel construction, ensuring a save transport of the containers to the 51 500 storage places.

The high throughput rates of the DAMBACH storage and retrieval machines essentially contribute to the flexibility and efficiency of the 60 000 square meters of the Geberit logistics center.



Source: Geberit AG

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