E.Leclerc Installs DAMBACH rail-guided Storage and Retrieval Machines in High-Bay Warehouse

DAMBACH rail-guided storage and retrieval machines were chosen for a new high bay warehouse for E.Leclerc in Socamaine.

E.Leclerc is one of the biggest retailing chains in France and Europe. Owing to its constant growth and the need for greater availability, E.Leclerc decided to build another high bay warehouse at its Socamaine site in France to increase its storage capacity. Building work on site began in the summer of 2016. General contractor Vanderlande has created a highly modern, cost-effective warehouse. In order to achieve the high throughput rates required, the decision to install DAMBACH rail-guided storage and retrieval machines (SRMs) was taken at an early stage. Starting in April 2018, following commissioning of the warehouse, these units will show what they can do and ensure maximum availability.


Six MONO ZSA rail-guided SRMs have been installed to serve the 35,000 pallet storage bays quickly and efficiently. With their minimised approach dimensions and perfect use of space, these twin-mast, aisle-bound SRMs are truly excellent performers. They will transport the goods across six aisles and 17 levels. Safe handling is further ensured by the double-deep DAMBACH telescopic forks. These forks have a long extension and low deflection for trouble-free, careful, multi-deep pallet storage. DAMBACH is responsible for the development and production of both storage and retrieval machine and telescopic forks, and so the interfaces between them are perfectly coordinated to ensure maximum availability.


Despite the need for careful handling of pallets and storage bays at heights of up to 39 m, the MONO rail-guided storage and retrieval machines are nevertheless fast. With a maximum travelling speed of 210 m/min and maximum acceleration of 0.35 m/s2, they achieve up to 44 double cycles per hour.


High throughput rates plus optimum space utilisation are absolutely vital for a successful, efficient warehouse. Equipped with the reliable, long-lasting, fast, precise, energy-efficient and future-proof SRMs from DAMBACH, this E.Leclerc warehouse is therefore well equipped for many years to come.


Further information about this warehouse can be found in this video: "Champagné: La centrale d’achats de Leclerc s‘agrandit".


Source: E.Leclerc