Successful commissioning at Flatz

Introduction of five new fully automatic storage and retrieval machines from DAMBACH Lagersysteme for the company Flatz GmbH based in Lauterach, Austria.

The company Flatz GmbH, located in Austria, is a manufacturer of packaging, molded parts and insulation materials. To increase the storage capacity, Flatz invested in one of the largest high-bay warehouses in the country with an investment totaling 18 million euros. The warehouse serves as a central warehouse for two Flatz plants.



Together with the general contractor BSS Materialflussgruppe, DAMBACH installed five single-mast stacker cranes of the Mono series in the new high-bay warehouse in Lauterach.


The 37-meter high warehouse contains 16,200 storage spaces in an area of 4,300 m². The individual stacker cranes were brought into the warehouse through the roof hatches.


The handling volume of the 35-meter tall DAMBACH stacker cranes amounts to 190 retrieval actions and up to 90 storage actions per hour. The stacker cranes achieve travel speeds of up to 210 m/min, making it possible to prepare the loads for up to 6 trucks per hour.




The minimized approach dimensions of the aisle bound stacker crane and the small deflection of the double deep telescopic forks lead to a perfect use of space. Thanks to a development and production location in Germany, security of investments in the future are guaranteed.


A video of the stacker cranes being brought into the warehouse can be viewed at the following link:


Image source: VOL.AT