Trade Fair

Looking ahead to LogiMAT 2017

Visit DAMBACH COMPONENTS again this year at LogiMAT 2017 in Stuttgart. Dynamics and economy in the high-bay pre-storage area.

DAMBACH Lagersysteme booth: Transfer wagon with Power Caps

DAMBACH Lagersysteme sees itself as a partner to systems integrators and general contractors in the market segment for automated warehouse systems. We therefore supply rail-guided storage and retrieval machines up to 45 m high with on-board telescopic forks, a shuttle for loads of up to 1500 kg and pallet-handling technology. DAMBACH has been active in this market segment for more than 45 years. Interfaces between the actual warehouse zone and the apron are simplified.


Our rail-guided storage and retrieval machines can be fitted with energy recovery without the need for feeding back into the mains. Energy is stored in power caps, which smooth out power peaks. Besides cutting energy consumption by 30%, systematic use of this technology enables mains power feeding to be reduced by 80%. Power caps are also used on shuttles and traversers. The upshot of that is compact designs and also savings in the installation, as conductor rails are unnecessary. Power is transmitted at defined points in just a few seconds.


Transfer wagons fitted with DAMBACH energy storage technology can be equipped with one or two load-handling devices and achieve a very high throughput.


Controlled acceleration, braking and positioning ensure that all loads are carried safely and carefully. Coordinated transfer stations lead to high availability and smooth interfaces between materials-handling systems and rail-guided storage and retrieval machines.