MONOFLEX - Rail Guided Vehicle with integrated Vehicle Management

The newly developed electric floor conveyor from DAMBACH Lagersysteme sets new standards. It is light, yet robust and inherently rigid.

The newly developed Rail Guided Vehicle (RGV) from DAMBACH Lagersysteme sets standards. With strict lightweight construction, the vehicle's own weight has been reduced to below approx. 60% of the market values. Despite the weight-optimized design of the Rail Guided Vehicles, the carts of the conveying system called MONOFLEX are robust and inherently rigid. Rated loads of up to 1,500 kg are possible - and that with tight curve radii. Variable load handling devices such as chain conveyors with a transfer unit or roller conveyors make MONOFLEX extremely versatile. Two motor drives guarantee high acceleration and a stable run when driving over switching points. Driving speeds of up to 0.7 m / s² and 150 m / min make the RGV-System highly dynamic.


With the help of safety-related data transmission, the rail guided vehicles (RAIL CARTS) can be controlled in a safety-compliant manner in all operating situations. Experience gained from complex systems with curve-going stacker cranes form the basis for switch control, route management and distance control. Emphasis should be on the dynamic distance control without additional distance sensors. Minimum distances of 20 mm are possible for vehicle positioning. Space-saving layouts, especially at transfer points, and the simultaneous use of several vehicles can be done. For example, two vehicles can transfer their load in the smallest of spaces, at the same time.


In order to meet the increased requirements for minimal TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), special attention was paid to energy feed-in and maintenance costs. The combination of inductive energy transfer and power caps as energy storage means that switch and fire protection sections can be passed without additional emergency power supply. Damaged current collectors and bus bars are a thing of the past. An additional plus, especially for operators of deep-freeze warehouses. Due to the very good ratio of own weight and rated load of 1 to 3 and the energy recovery already included in the standard, DAMBACH has developed one of the most sustainable systems of its kind.


Regulation and control electronics as well as sensors are anchored in the design - pre-installation and basic settings are made in the factory. The delivered rail guided vehicles match the individual project requirements and are already functionally tested upon delivery. Sources of error are reduced and efforts for commissioning are reduced. Vehicle management integrated in the PLC can be included in the basic control. In addition to round robin, waiting time based processing or load-dependent vehicle strategies, customer-specific requirements can also be realized.


With the new MONOFLEX System, DAMBACH closes the gap between traditional continuous conveyor technology and modern pallet shuttle systems.




Product Manager Control Systems – Dirk Lorenz

Product Management – Dr. Benjamin Thumm