New Horizons in 2021:

Strategic partnership between iFD GmbH and DAMBACH Lagersysteme GmbH & Co. KG

iFD and DAMBACH Lagersysteme are announcing their strategic partnership for material flow systems.


The collaboration simplifies implementation of high-performance material flow systems with integrated controls, storage technology, and conveyor systems. Thus it enables faster and more economical production of pallet shuttle systems and rail guided vehicle systems. Customers benefit from the flexible array of supply and services offered by both companies – from conveyor and warehouse technology components to standardized material flow control systems and connection to ERP systems. Additional services, such as the simulation of system processes, assist general contractors in their system selection. The two companies will continue to operate independently but will also benefit from a cross-divisional exchange of technology.


iFD GmbH has been developing and supplying software systems for automated and manual areas of intralogistics in industry and commerce all over the world since 1990. iFD GmbH is a leading provider of logistics software with extensive experience in process planning and implementation as well as an independent R&D department for software systems. With more than 120 employees, iFD is an established development service provider of sophisticated material flow systems and warehouse management solutions. Source:



DAMBACH Lagersysteme has been developing and producing storage and conveyor technology solutions, including the associated control systems, for more than 45 years. As a partner of system integrators and general contractors, it provides storage and retrieval machines, shuttle systems, conveyor technology, and rail guided vehicles for various industries worldwide. As a family-operated company, DAMBACH consistently focuses on high product quality made in Germany. Source: