DAMBACH COMPONENTS stands for load absorption in perfection. This separate business unit offers a wide range of high-quality load handling equipment and conveyor technology elements.

The independent DAMBACH COMPONENTS division offers a wide range of high-quality load handling attachments and conveyor technology elements.


Its unique 3D online configurator for load handling attachments allows customers to quickly and easily customize the products they need. Providing the required technical parameters, such as dead weight, extension path, interfering contours and power rating, minimizes project planning for warehouse technology manufacturers. This not only boosts productivity, but it also reduces possible interface errors. With over 45 years of experience in developing and producing load handling attachments, DAMBACH delivers sophisticated components.


DAMBACH COMPONENTS also supports manufacturers of conveyor systems with variable elements, such as vertical conveyors and carriages.

This wide range of products complements the service portfolio of established providers.


With the new headquarters of DAMBACH COMPONENTS in the heart of Munich, the division not only emphasizes its independence, it also offers additional sales opportunities.


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