New Automated High-Bay Warehouse for Diehl Aircabin

Logistics in aircraft construction have to meet high demands. Therefore it is of greatest importance for the supplier, to have quick and dependable access to all parts.

DAMBACH MULTI storage and retrieval machines with transfer station and transfer wagon

When it comes to effective processes, Diehl Aircabin relies on the years of experience of the logistics specialist DAMBACH Lagersysteme, especially for storage and retrieval machines (SRMs) and conveyors.

Diehl Aircabin in Laupheim in the south of Germany is a leading supplier for aircraft construction. This division is part of the subgroup Diehl Aerosystems and thanks to its approx. 1.700 committed and highly qualified employees, one of the world's most reliable system partner for the international aircraft industry, since October 2008. The Company develops and manufactures cabin walls and interior cladding for the commercial airplane industry. Its customers include e.g. Airbus, among many others.


In terms of logistics, suppliers of the aircraft industry have to meet various requirements. Airplane components can be small or large, heavy or light, solid or fragile, sensitive to environmental influences or not. Airplane manufacturers demand just-in-time delivery, as well as a 24/7 availability for spare parts. Therefore a fast and guaranteed access to the parts is vital. Due to the increasing demand, Diehl is planning a new, fully automated container warehouse. For storing the interior lining, which often is very large, bulky and yet very sensitive to affecting forces, special aircraft containers are used. These various container sizes make handling on the conveyors and in the ware house challenging.




Curve-going storage and retrieval machines for various storage aisles

Convinced of the concept of reduced interfaces and optimum coordination of the DAMBACH SRMs and conveyors, Diehl completely relies on the DAMBACH portfolio. Therefore two curve-going SRMs of the type MULTI and various components of the pallet conveyor system were used. Together with a general contractor and intralogistics planner, the requirements for availability and redundancy were analyzed and worked out.



Especially the curve-going MULTI storage and retrieval machines with their 100% redundancy, flexible aisle allocation and high access security have proven to be the ideal solution. By accessing several aisles and therefore reaching much more storage spaces, less storage and retrieval machines are needed. In addition this forms an economical alternative for conventional SRMs. To meet the geometrical challenges of storing the containers, DAMBACH designed the MULTI storage and retrieval machine as a twin mast version, using the modular mast concept. The containers are stored double deep to increase the storage density. The cross-aisles, which are necessary for curve-going storage and retrieval machines, were installed on both ends of the aisles to enable the machines to drive in circles. Each SRM was equipped with two telescopic forks to ether carry a large container on both forks or a small container on one fork. In regards of a 100% redundancy, the conveying lines for storage and retrieval were also installed on both ends of the aisles. Due to a driving speed of up to 3 m/s and a lifting speed of 1 m/s, each SRM can reach up to 25 combined cycles.



The transfer of the containers takes place in the cross-aisle, where the storage and retrieval machine stores the container in a transfer buffer. Two transfer positions with three chain strands each allow a combined cycle of storage and retrieval: The SRM places the container onto the empty space on the transfer unit, this transfer unit positions the second transfer position in front of the SRM, which then picks up another container. This arrangement minimizes the transfer times and prevents waiting times.




Flexible materials-handling for ideal transportation

More than 40 different kinds of containers require very flexible materials-handling. Roller conveyors move the containers lengthwise and a 3-strand chain conveyor moves the different containers in cross direction. The DAMBACH conveyors allow container sizes of up to 1,6 x 2,4 m. There are transfer wagons installed on every end of the aisles to transport the containers from the high-bay warehouse to the loading station or the truck docking stations. This transfer wagon works with 3 asymmetrically positioned chain strands to provide a secure stand for every kind of container, during the acceleration- and deceleration phase.


The differently sized containers are aligned by stopper devices. Small and medium sized containers are aligned on one side of the conveyor so they only run on 2 chain strands. Larger containers take up all 3 strands.

The transfer wagon is the link between the different functional areas on the north side. The container can be brought from the transfer buffer of the high-bay warehouse to the loading station, where they can be manually loaded or unloaded. At a depth of up to 1,6 m it is necessary to enable the staff to access the containers. Therefore the loading station was installed slightly below the loading platform, which allows a smooth loading. Besides the 4 loading stations, which can be operated directly from the transfer wagon and have access to the wide sides of the containers, there is also one loading station that allows access to the container from the wide and narrow side.


The transfer wagon also offers the option to pick up containers from a manual input station or to dispense them to a delivery station.

On the south side there are two regular loading stations, as well as a loading- and unloading station for trucks. Here the containers are loaded into the truck by a forklift.

The High-bay warehouse offers room for almost 4.800 storage spaces in a double deep setup. Thanks to almost 50 combined cycles per hour the two storage and retrieval machines ensure a sufficient throughput. The conveyors enable the connection between the high-bay warehouse, the loading stations and the truck loading area, using up minimal space.


Source: dhf Intralogistik