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Eleven storage and retrieval machines from DAMBACH Lagersysteme demonstrate their capabilities at the food manufacturer Poco Logo, based in Roeselare, Belgium.

Poco Loco warehouse location in Roeselare, Belgium.

For offering a broad product portfolio worldwide, newest technologies and highest quality standards in production and distribution are vital. Therefore, the food manufacturer Poco Loco, which was founded in Roeselare, Belgium in 1994, entirely relies on cost efficiency. To meet the corporate philosophy of maximum flexibility, minimal complexity and highest speed the Belgian company decided on a fully automated high-bay warehouse, connected to the production site.


The system integrator DEMATIC used rail-guided storage and retrieval machines (SRMs) from DAMBACH to fulfill the customer’s requirements and to meet the demands of adaptivity and exact management of the operational complexity.

With 10.000 m² the new automatic high-bay warehouse offers room for 43.000 storage spaces. To handle the various demands of the loading units, EURO as well as CHEP pallets are in use in the warehouse.


The eleven DAMBACH single-mast SRMs of the MONO series ensure high throughput rates. storage and retrieval machine is equipped with a double-deep-telescope from DAMBACH. Through own development and manufacturing the interfaces are perfectly synchronized. Careful transportation and highest reliability are guaranteed.


The 22 pallet racks for double-deep storage can be operated easily. Despite the 1.000 kg payloads and storage spaces at a height of 40 m, the MONO SRMs still reach speeds of up to 210 m/min as well as accelerations of 0,4 m/s². Combined with a lifting speed of approx. 90 m/min and lifting accelerations of 0,8 m/s² extremely dynamic warehousing is possible. These eleven storage and retrieval machines reach a throughput of 300 pallets per hour at Poco Loco.




Due to a closely linked development and production as well as the concentration on one site in Bischweier, DAMBACH can quickly react to most diverse challenges. Furthermore, DAMBACH relies on extensive quality standards making “Made in Germany” more than just a label.


For further interesting information watch the videos from Poco Loco: „Construction high bay warehouse Poco Loco“ and „Internal pallet transport system Poco Loco“.


Source: Poco Loco