Trade Fair

Looking ahead to MODEX 2022

DAMBACH presents the "Care-free Package" at the MODEX 2022 – for efficient e-commerce business: BOOTH#3810


Robust, functional and 100% practicable


DAMBACH Lagersysteme will present a new "Totally Care-free Package" for trouble-free small parts storage at the MODEX 2022 trade show at booth #3810 from March 28 to 31. The intralogistics specialist from southern Germany has thus packaged a small parts storage and retrieval machine (SRM), a rack system, small parts conveyor technology and a new material flow system from its comprehensive range of components into a very user-friendly subsystem. "With this subsystem we provide the user with a robust, fully developed and yet easily managed storage solution that is also ideally suited to existing properties. Based on limited information only – for example the required pick performance, the number of intended mini-load locations or the planned SKU – we can plan an optimal small parts storage system that we deliver and install within only a few months," DAMBACH General Manager Dr. Benjamin Thumm explained.


The encased, fully automatic storage system is suited to stockpiling and commissioning small parts and boxes – that is, goods that are typical in the mail order business. The DAMBACH offer also includes small parts conveyor technology for the apron, a freely selectable number of commissioning spaces and very efficient position management using the MFS-Plus software. Of course, all of the components offered in the system can also be purchased individually. DAMBACH Automation INC. guarantees very reliable 24/7 service in the USA.



The MONOFLEX High-performance Conveyor System


The rail guided vehicle for very gentle pallet transport counts among the other exhibits by the German intralogistics provider. It consists of high performance transport vehicles designed for payloads of up to 3,300 lbs. and a two-rail system. A distribution switch provides high availability even with complex system layouts. Low switch times of the switch make a throughput capacity of 450 vehicles per hour possible at a 1:1 material flow distribution. Rapid vehicle exchange and vehicle infeeds are thus not a problem – for example during peak performance.


MFS-Plus software


At the MODEX, DAMBACH will also present the newly developed MFS-Plus software, for extended material flow control. "With this new software we integrated the classic functions of a warehouse management system (WMS) – for example pallet location management, infeed and outfeed goods management and commissioning functions – in a material flow system. The user thereby saves considerable costs and reduces their system complexity. This software thereby also ideally fits into our e-commerce subsystem for managing the small parts conveyor technology. This is the complementary piece to the puzzle for the system components that we provide," Dr. Benjamin Thumm summed-up.


We look forward to seeing you on March 28 - 31, 2022, BOOTH#3810 at the Georgia World Congress Center!