Trade Fair

Well-thought-out energy management for cutting the TCO

This year’s international trade fair for intralogistics “LogiMAT” included a presentationby Dirk Lorenz on innovative approaches to cutting operating costs in automated high bay warehouses.

It seems that energy management is one vital factor when it comes to lowering the total cost ofownership(TCO). The study focused on the configuration and operation of rail-guided stacker cranes. The power supply infrastructure, the power consumption of the stacker cranes, feeding power back into the mains, coupling intermediate circuits and the efficiency of power caps all play key roles here.


These days, the average peak power consumption of stacker cranes handling pallets lies between 80 and 100kW. During acceleration, peak currents exceeding 200A are reached for a few seconds. Running stacker cranes fitted with power caps to store energy not only reduces the installation work, but also cuts the power peaks drawn from the mains.

That means the connected load can be decreased by up to 80%. At the same time, energy con-sumption is reduced by as much as 40%.


DAMBACH can provide an innovative and all-embracing approach to lowering the total cost of ownership.