Automation of your existing warehouse

The most frequently asked questions about LOGI-KIT

Answers to the most important questions about modernizing and automating your existing warehouse with the help of LOGI-KIT:

For which storage types is LOGI-KIT suitable?

In principle, all existing warehouses can be automated, provided they are pallet warehouses or small parts warehouses. With the different warehouse types - such as wide aisle storage, narrow aisle storage, block storage or small parts in shelving - different automation approaches are used.

For which types of warehouses is automation suitable?

Due to standardized load carriers (pallets or containers), a variety of warehouses - such as production warehouses, shipping warehouses, handling warehouses, etc. - can be automated. Economic realization depends on several factors, such as storage space capacity and warehouse turnover.

Can a warehouse operated with forklifts also be automated?

A forklift operation is no contradiction to a subsequent automation by means of storage and retrieval machines (SRM). Mixed operation with forklifts and SRM in separate aisles is also possible. In certain cases, a combination of manual and automated warehouse operation may be the more economical solution. The simultaneous use of forklifts and automated SRM in an area that is not physically separated - e.g. in the same aisle - is not possible due to safety regulations.

For which warehouse sizes is automation suitable?

It is not so much the warehouse size, but the warehouse turnover that determines whether automation makes economic sense. Thus, a warehouse with a few hundred storage locations can benefit just as much from automation as a warehouse with many thousands of storage locations. Each warehouse requires an individual economic consideration.

Can the existing racking be used for automation?

Yes, the existing racking system can and should basically be reused. This significantly reduces the investment requirement. However, the suitability must be checked in each individual case due to static and structural requirements.

For which large and small load carriers is automation suitable?

All commercially available load carriers are suitable for automation.

By what percentage can the storage capacity be increased?

Depending on the storage type and storage requirements, the number of storage spaces can be more than doubled.

Is multiple deep storage possible with automation?

Channel depths of up to 30 pallets can be realized with automation.

Is 24/7 operation possible with automation?

Yes, continuous operation is possible for both single- and multiple-deep storage. From an economic point of view, multi-shift operation is even advantageous.

When is automation with LOGI-KIT worth it?

There are various reasons for automation, such as capacity bottlenecks, inefficient processes and shortage of skilled workers. Savings with automation are particularly high with multi-shift operations and high handling rates. The potential of an automation solution must be evaluated individually for each application.

How can automation be integrated into the existing IT landscape (ERP/WMS)?

Due to the modular approach to the software required for operation, it can be adapted as needed and integrated into the existing IT infrastructure. Standardized interfaces enable smooth communication between the software components.

What are the automation requirements for the base plate?

LOGI-KIT products are designed in such a way that automation can take place almost anywhere that forklift operation is possible. This is achieved through a consistent lightweight design, which not only minimizes the load on the floor plate, but also reduces energy consumption.

Is it possible to use the automation in a frozen environment?

Yes, all products are deep freeze compatible.

What delivery times can be expected?

After complete technical and commercial clarification, the delivery time is currently about 10 months.

Is it possible to load and unload products from floor level using an automated storage and retrieval system?

DAMBACH has a special load handling device in its portfolio for this purpose: The patented swivel fork with tilt function.

Are special service technicians required for LOGI-KIT operation?

DAMBACH offers various training and education packages for customer operating personnel at its own technology center. The theoretical and practical skills are trained to independently ensure reliable system operation.

For which bearing heights is LOGI-KIT suitable?

LOGI-KIT products are designed for heights up to 15 m. In addition, DAMBACH offers storage technology for heights up to 48 m.

Does LOGI-KIT offer picking solutions?

Yes, for both small and large load carriers DAMBACH offers the right solution. This includes ergonomically designed workstations and intelligent processes for sequencing and multi-order handling.


Minimal investment by using the existing infrastructure up to the rack. The turnover rate can also be doubled.



For maximum storage density by using multiple-deep storage with pallet-shuttle. Flexibly adaptable to many building geometries.



Automated small parts storage for a wide range of applications – whether as picking-, buffer- or distribution storage. A variety of small parts carriers and small containers can be stored efficiently with the LOGI-KIT MINI.




You already have an existing fully automated high-bay warehouse and are looking for a retrofit supplier? DAMBACH offers numerous modernization solutions for storage and retrieval machines and conveyor technology.