Maximum storage density thanks to intelligent position management

LOGI-KIT INFINITY features state-of-the-art, reliable shuttle technology. Using a channel storage rack system increases the storage capacity of your warehouse significantly. Different building geometries all the way to sloped roofs can be optimally utilized. At the same time, this solution offers flexible scaling options in terms of performance. Thanks to the powerful material flow system, channels can be filled with various articles (SKUs) – unparalleled in automated channel storage.




With just a few mouse clicks you can calculate the potential of your personal LOGI-KIT-INFINITY solution.


Besides many years of experience with warehouse technology such as the pallet shuttle system, DAMBACH also offers consultation in stock analysis, potential estimates, profitability calculations, and concept design. Together with the customer, DAMBACH develops needs-based, individual guidance. LOGI-KIT INFINITY aims to meet customer requirements for a greater storage density while lowering operating costs. Energy and personnel savings help reduce position costs by up to 50%. With its short implementation time and manageable investment, LOGI-KIT INFINITY is the cost-effective alternative to a new building in many cases.


  • Analysis: Based on an assessment of the warehouse infrastructure, material flow, and storage data, the current situation is identified and compared with the customer’s target specifications
  • Rough planning: A suitable automation solution is developed in collaboration with the customer based on the analysis and target specifications
  • Estimation of potential: The analysis and rough planning form the foundation for estimating the automation potential of your warehouse and the required investment
  • Cost-benefit analysis: The automation benefits and cost savings are compared in relation with the required investment to determine the return on investment (ROI)


If necessary, DAMBACH can also support your technical warehouse operations later on with regular maintenance, employee training and needs-based service packages.

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Digital transparency for your warehouse

The simple automation solution for your warehouse

With over 45 years of experience in the area of warehouse and materials handling technology, DAMBACH Lagersysteme has experience and knowledge for automating your existing pallet or high-bay warehouse. With expertise in developing and manufacturing different types of forklifts all the way to self-driving industrial trucks, DAMBACH knows all about the aspects of manual warehouses. DAMBACH COMPACT storage and retrieval machines are constructed with lightweight materials, making them suitable for less stable floors. The solution can easily compensate for difficult floor conditions and unevenness. Installation time on site is kept to the bare minimum thanks to complete pre-commissioning at the plant. As a result, conversion can be performed during ongoing operation, ensuring continuous access to at least 50% the warehouse capacity.


Developed over the last 9 years, the proven DAMBACH COMPACT SHUTTLE enables multiple depth storage of up to 35 pallets. Be it in the toughest of deep-freeze environments or used for heavy loads of beverages of up to 1,500 kg, eight driven running wheels ensure safe load carrier transport. The integrated shuttle control performs all movements independently and communicates directly with the DAMBACH storage and retrieval machines. No complex external material flow controls are necessary. High-performance energy storage systems with very short charging times of only approx. 8 seconds ensure reliable warehouse operation 24/7. Failures due to downtime during charging or battery replacement cycles are completely eliminated. To flexibly boost warehouse performance, additional COMPACT SHUTTLE systems can be integrated into the existing system, meaning performance can be adjusted to seasonal fluctuations at any time.


The flexible picking areas in the apron based on the goods-to-person principle can be adapted both to the required picking capacity and to the specific building geometries. LOGI-KIT can draw on the advantages of the rail guided vehicle with variable routing and the compact load handling elements with an overall height of just 350 mm.


  • Up to 100% more pallet positions in the existing warehouse building
  • Can easily be adapted to many building geometries
  • Scalable handling capacity by integrating additional shuttles
  • Costs reduced by up to 50% per pallet position


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