Efficient small parts storage in the tightest space

Automated small parts storage for a wide range of applications – whether as picking-, buffer- or distribution storage. A variety of small parts carriers and small containers can be stored efficiently with the LOGI-KIT MINI. The system is thereby as flexible as your requirements. Load weights can vary between a few grams up to 300 kg. With storage heights from 3 to 27 m, it can be integrated easily into many buildings.


High goods throughput means that the system is perfectly suitable as a "micro-fulfillment" system in the tightest space. Cartons, Euro containers and trays are automatically transported to the picking station. The "goods-to-person" principle leads to the elimination of unproductive order picking way times and time needed for order fulfillment is reduced. Ergonomically designed workspaces with a tilting and lifting mechanism thereby help further increase picking performance. Various picking systems can be fully integrated, including Pick-by-Scan, Pick-by-Light and Pick-by-Vision. Errors are thus avoided and the storage- and picking process becomes more efficient and economical.


Depending on the application, LOGI-KIT MINI can adapt to your special requirements. In addition to allowing for a variety of containers, the LOGI-KIT MINI adapts to your needs for storage capacity and performance. The shelf storage and retrieval machine is therefore available in various configurations for storage at single-, double- or multi-depth. In addition, a number of products can be stored in one space for increased product variety. Random access to each product in the assortment is always maintained.


Diverse applications are possible because the LOGI-KIT MINI is highly flexible. In the urban setting, with limited and expensive space, micro-depots and micro-fulfillment centers that save space can carry out picking for the last mile. This solution is of particular interest to retail trade and e-commerce. But a conventional pallet warehouse can also be supplemented by a high performance order picking area. Replacing only one racking aisle means thousands of products can be easily stored to full height with direct access. Several hundred picks per hour are possible. An advantage to wholesalers with individual- and container picking, manufacturing companies with a buffer store for different areas of production, and operators of spare parts stores.


As with all LOGI-KIT products, DAMBACH offers complete integration into the existing IT environment. With modular software, LOGI-KIT creates a seamless connection to the available ERP system and warehouse management system (WMS). A stand-alone solution can be implemented on request, with all storage- and distribution processes mapped to your LOGI-KIT MINI.




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