Maximum automation, minimum investment

The LOGI-KIT ZERO automation solution is a cost-effective alternative to forklift operated warehouses. Whether wide-aisle, narrow-aisle or high-bay warehouses, it’s the ideal solution for efficient storage and retrieval of pallets or goods-to-person picking of individual items. Thanks to simple and quick implementation of the LOGI-KIT automation solution, you can easily update your manually run warehouse. Together, we analyze the potential of your warehouse and transform your warehouse logistics into an Industry 4.0 powerhouse.






With just a few mouse clicks you can calculate the potential of your personal LOGI-KIT-ZERO solution.


Besides the production of sophisticated storage and retrieval machines as well as suitable materials handling technology, our competences also include material flow analysis: Analysis of the current situation on site, estimation of the potential, cost-benefit analysis and rough planning. In each project, our aim is to reduce your operating costs and increase the profitability of your warehouse. For example, power consumption can be reduced by up to 2/3 per pallet movement and current operating costs cut by up to 80%. Requirements for future storage capacity and handling frequency can also be considered in planning. Automation and optimized material flows make your warehouse future-proof.


  • Analysis: Based on an assessment of the warehouse infrastructure, material flow, and storage data, the current situation is identified and compared with the customer’s target specifications
  • Rough planning: A suitable automation solution is developed in collaboration with the customer based on the analysis and target specifications
  • Potential estimate: The analysis and rough planning form the foundation for estimating the automation potential of your warehouse and the required investment
  • Cost-benefit analysis: The automation benefits and cost savings are compared in relation with the required investment to determine the return on investment (ROI)


If necessary, DAMBACH can also support your technical warehouse operations later on with regular maintenance, employee training and needs-based service packages.

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Industry 4.0 for your existing warehouse

Uncomplicated automation technology for your warehouse

With over 45 years of experience in the area of warehouse and materials handling technology, DAMBACH Lagersysteme has experience and knowledge for automating your existing high-bay warehouse. With expertise in developing and manufacturing different types of forklifts all the way to self-driving industrial trucks, DAMBACH knows all about the aspects of manual warehouses. DAMBACH COMPACT storage and retrieval machines are constructed with lightweight materials, making them suitable for unstable base plates. The solution can easily compensate for difficult floor conditions and unevenness. Installation time on site is kept to the bare minimum thanks to complete pre-commissioning at the plant. As a result, conversion can be performed during ongoing operation, ensuring continuous access to a majority of the warehouse capacity.


The patented function of the swivel traverse fork with a modern, multi-axle motion control combines the advantages of a narrow-aisle stacker with the performance and precision of an automatic storage and retrieval machine. Load handling attachments optimize the handling capacity in the tightest of spaces and narrow aisles. A wide range of different pallets can be stored and retrieved effortlessly. In addition, pallets can be stored much more precisely in the upper high-rack segment than with conventional high-rack forklifts, minimizing lost space.


Another unique feature of these automatic storage and retrieval machines is the possibility to take full advantage of all available racks and to store and retrieve pallets at floor level, both within and outside of the rack system.


The flexible picking areas in the apron based on the goods-to-person principle can be adapted both to the required picking capacity and to the specific building geometries. LOGI-KIT can draw on the advantages of the rail guided vehicle with variable routing and the compact load handling elements with an overall height of just 350 mm.


  • Up to 100% more pallet storage and retrieval movements per hours (higher throughput)
  • Up to 50% more usable storage space in a wide-aisle warehouse
  • Costs reduced by up to 80% per pallet movement


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Do you have questions about our automation solutions? Here you will find frequently asked questions and answers.