A full range of warehousing technology

For all tasks, all requirements

Any warehousing solution is only as good as its customising to suit the particular specification. You can depend on DAMBACH to design solutions tailored exactly to your requirements no matter what tasks you have to handle in your warehouse.

From rail-guided stacker cranes to our Compact Shuttle. From stacker crane controls to the modernisation of existing warehouse systems. From roller conveyors to chain conveyors. From turntables to lift tables. DAMBACH is your reliable partner for everything concerning high bay warehouses, small-parts storage and pallet-handling technology.


With our broad and flexible product portfolio, we can design an ideally coordinated system to suit the most diverse applications. A system that also fulfils the toughest demands on products or parts warehouses in industry and commerce without compromises.


With a design to suit your requirements and an approach that sees the overall warehouse system, you can secure your competitive advantage through perfect materials flows.


Find out more about our main products:

Rail-guided stacker cranes

The wide range of products guarantees you the necessary throughput with optimum space utilisation whether using aisle-bound or curve-going rail-guided stacker cranes.

Materials handling technology

The variable range guarantees fast and effective materials flows from storage zone to apron.

Compact Shuttle

The DAMBACH Compact Shuttle for high bay warehouses, makes pallet storage and retrieval even more efficient.


Control systems decide how economically warehouse systems work. DAMBACH therefore combines expertise with knowledge of this branch of industry and the latest technology.


Even a warehouse system can become out of date. Or changing boundary conditions could make it necessary to modify or optimise a warehouse or add new functions.