Heavy-duty SRM MAGNO

Specialized for large loads

Handling heavy loads is a demanding task, especially for storage and retrieval machines that have to meet special material and design requirements. The MAGNO series has been specifically designed to meet these challenges in various industries. In heavy-duty environments, where heavy materials are used as load carriers, a robust design is essential to ensure safe handling.


For which applications is MAGNO suitable?

  • Heavy & light metal storage
  • Wooden panel storage
  • Paper, corrugated board and pulp production
  • Air cargo logistics
  • Coil warehousing


    Which load carriers are used?

    • Steel girders
    • Aluminium profiles
    • Metal sheets
    • Wooden panels
    • Paper sheets, -rolls
    • Cargo container
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    Safety and efficiency for large format loads

    The MAGNO heavy-duty stacker crane was specially developed for the transportation and storage of heavy loads in industrial environments.


    MAGNO at a glance:

    • Torsion resistant twin mast design for maximum stability and safety
    • Two running wheels and one S54 guide rail for a smooth and precise movement along the storage racks
    • Maximum height of up to 25 meters for efficient use of vertical storage space
    • Two suspension cables for easier maintenance, reduced operating costs and increased availability
    • Maximum payload of up to 12 tons to handle a variety of heavy loads


    The interaction between the stacker crane and the load handling device is crucial to success in this high performance environment.


    The MAGNO series relies on different load handling devices:

    • Up to six telescopic forks for flexible handling of different load carriers
    • Heavy-duty rollers for roller racks
    • Cantilever arms for the safe storage of coils made of different materials



    Top performance through efficient energy management

    Sustainable and efficient warehouse operations require well thought-out energy management. Efficient energy management is especially important for heavy duty stacker cranes like the MAGNO to reduce operating costs while minimizing environmental impact.


    What characterizes the energy management of the MAGNO heavy-duty stacker crane?


    Optimized driving performance

    • Improved acceleration with lower peak currents
    • Reliable safety shutdown with power reserve

    Reduced infrastructure

    • Minimized transformer performance
    • Smaller conductor line

    Reduced energy consumption

    • Energy recovery through recuperation
    • Energy efficiency and storage with power caps
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    DAMBACH Smart Energy Management (DSE)

    With the DSE for storage and retrieval machines and vertical conveyors, DAMBACH offers a sophisticated energy management system that significantly improves the efficiency of an automated storage system.

    Energy Management