Storage and retrieval machine for existing rack systems: COMPACT

Floor-level loading and unloading for optimal use of space

The ultra-light COMPACT storage and retrieval machine opens up flexible options for use in existing warehouses. The consistently lightweight design reduces kinematic loads on the floor panels and conserves energy. Transverse forces in the rack are also minimal. A lower approach dimension of 0 millimeters allows the use of conventional stacker racks. No storage space is lost in the lowest rack level.

Depending on the application, the COMPACT machines can be equipped with a variety of load handling attachments. High handling capacities and individual location access are achieved with single- or double-deep telescopic forks from DAMBACH. With the patented rotating and swiveling traverse fork, pallets can be picked up or set down at floor level to meet the needs of manual warehouse operation. The tilting device even makes it possible to transport pallets with closed bottoms.

The COMPACT RBG is perfectly suited for brownfield projects for automating production warehouses, transshipment warehouses or warehouses with low height. Compatibility with simple built-in racks makes it an economical alternative to narrow-aisle stackers. Thanks to its excellent driving characteristics, the storage and retrieval machine can significantly improve warehouse performance. With the new sandwich chassis, narrow-aisle stackers can still travel the rack aisles during maintenance periods. The consistently modular design and decentralized drive concept permit all storage and retrieval machines to be commissioned already at the factory before delivery with a new, optimized shipping concept. This reduces implementation times and commissioning workload to an absolute minimum and makes rapid installation during continuous operation a possibility.

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Maximum flexibility for greater sustainability

Keep your feet on the ground with COMPACT, the flexible storage and retrieval machine that enables ground-level placement of the goods. You can continue using your existing rack while increasing storage density and handling capacity. Scalable warehouse performance can also be realized with a transfer bridge. This allows the COMPACT to operate in multiple aisles.

  • Lightweight design for low floor loads

  • Variable load handling attachments for maximum flexibility

  • Use of existing rack systems

  • Optimal use of space through floor level loading and unloading

  • Rapid installation thanks to factory commissioning

  • Unit height up to 14 m

  • Loads up to 1,350 kg

  • Cold storage compatibility