MINI Rail-Guided Storage and Retrieval Machines: Small Loads and Great Heights

Automatic Small-Parts Storage and Retrieval Machines for Maximum Throughput

DAMBACH offers various miniload stacker cranes for the storage and transport of small load carriers. The storage of small loads up to 100 kg and an overall height of 12 m as well as loads up to 300 kg and an overall height of 27 m is possible.


Depending on the application, an efficient aluminum design or a robust steel construction is used. Depending on the requirements, this optimizes energy consumption and minimizes the forces occurring in the rack and rail system. The compact design results in particularly low approach dimensions, both horizontally and vertically. This makes DAMBACH small parts storage and retrieval machines suitable for perfect space utilization. Thanks to the development and production of our own load handling devices, a wide range of load carriers such as cardboard boxes, containers and trays can also be reliably stored and retrieved. Depending on the load, a combination telescopic table, box grabber or clamping gripper are available. Thanks to our own production, interfaces between the stacker crane, load handling device and load carrier can be customized. To make a technically sophisticated device perfect, it also needs the control system tailored to it. Installation space is reduced by up to approx. 60 % through decentralized controls and integrated terminal boxes. This means that more space is available for parking. With DAMBACH energy recovery, operating costs can additionally be reduced.


To match the storage technology, DAMBACH also offers the associated small parts materials handling technology.

Latest Technology for Top Efficiency

50 years of experience have gone into the design and manufacture of the MINI stacker cranes for small parts warehouses. True to our motto "Dynamic warehousing" the small parts stacker cranes are not only light but also highly dynamic - perfect for high handling performance. In addition to performance, special attention is paid to stability and robustness - and thus to investment security and durability.

  • Compact design

  • High space utilization

  • Small approach dimensions

  • Building height up to 27 m

  • Payload up to 300 kg

  • High throughput

  • Modular drives

  • Own load handling devices for double deep storage

  • Single or double mast design

  • High availability

  • Suitable for deep-freezing up to -30 °C

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Materials Handling

DAMBACH conveyor systems form the ideal interface with the high bay warehouse. Reliable and powerful material flows.

Pallet Materials Handling