DAMBACH Controls

Simple Operation and Maximum Operational Reliability

DAMBACH storage and retrieval machines (SRMs) and materials handling control systems form the basis for greater efficiency in the warehouse. Control systems decide how economically and reliably warehouse systems work. DAMBACH therefore combines expertise and experience with knowledge of this branch of industry and the latest technology.

The result is a wide range of solutions covering all the requirements of high bay and small-parts warehouses and the apron. From simple, low-cost controls for storage and retrieval machines or conveyor systems to standard applications for fully automatic SRM operations – and with energy recovery if required. The CARRIER and the COMPACT SHUTTLE of the MULTIFLEX pallet shuttle system as well as the RAIL CART of the Inductive Rail System MONOFLEX are equipped with decentralized controls. This minimizes sources of error and shortens installation times. The transport vehicles monitor and regulate the motion sequences on their own. This way different driving strategies can be implemented uncomplicated and economical.

DSE (DAMBACH SMART ENERGY MANAGEMENT) is a well-developed system for controlling your energy consumption. The energy balance with DSE speaks for itself: The power peak required from the grid drops to just one-fifth and energy consumption is reduced by a third. Furthermore, the performance of SRMs can be improved when using the existing grid supply. The additional energy needed for better performance is gained by using a modern form of energy storage – power caps, which are charged by recovering energy from the SRMs as they lower their loads and/or brake.

The high modularity of our concepts also allows us to provide bespoke solutions that still include a high number of standard modules. So users obtain a uniform, consistent operating concept. Multi-stage control solutions: from pre-installed wiring to control hardware to integrated software.

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Minimum Capital Outlay

Maximum security for your warehouse investments

Our control modules for rail-guided storage and retrieval machines and materials handling elements are based on SIMATIC-S7 or Allen-Bradley control systems. The universal use of fieldbus solutions on the sensor/actuator level reduces installation costs to a minimum, avoids sources of errors and permits cost-effective expansion at a later date. Decentralised technology makes the systems scalable and permits reliable, continuous use even under the toughest operating conditions. The coupling to a master computer is achieved either via a standardised communications interface or via flexible, programmable interfaces in the materials-flow computer which, for example, also permits a direct link between warehouse system and SAP.

The visualisation systems include comprehensive logging and statistics functions. All packages offer the option of remote diagnosis and permit remote access for rectifying problems – to relieve operating personnel yet further.

  • Efficient rail-guided SRM controls with energy recovery
  • Program components for materials handling
  • Upgrade options for strategy, backup and redundancy concepts
  • Minimum installation costs
  • Short commissioning times
  • Standard interfaces
  • Windows-based materials-flow and graphic display concepts
  • Links to a huge range of warehouse management systems, including SAP-LES
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