DAMBACH Smart Energy Management (DSE)

High Dynamics And Less Consumption

for SRMs And Materials Handling Systems

With the DSE for storage and retrieval machines and vertical conveyors, DAMBACH provides a well-conceiveid energy management system that  significantly improves the cost-effectiveness of an automated storage system. Thus makes warehouse systems much more efficient – without losing performance.


What does DSE achieve?

  • Peak currents from the grid reduced by a factor of five
  • Smaller power supply points and energy infrastructure
  • Reduced energy consumption without complex feeding into the grid
  • Automatic compensation for grid fluctuations


Where does DSE help?

  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Reducing capital outlay and installation work
  • Increasing the efficiency of existing facilities
  • Dealing with conflicts in energy supplies
  • Increasing throughput rates
  • Avoiding reactive power compensation systems
  • Works with existing control


Powerful Capacitors

The Basis Of Efficient Energy Management

Power caps are the high-performance energy source forming the heart of the DAMBACH Smart Energy Management (DSE) concept. They store the energy recovered from storage and retrieval machines while lowering loads or braking. That energy is then used to supplement energy from the grid for powering drive units. The power caps also provide energy reserves for performance peaks, e.g. raising loads, accelerating. Feeding energy back into the grid is unnecessary.


If the power caps cannot be fully charged by energy recovery, then DSE ensures recharging from the grid. Times of low activity in the facility are exploited and power peaks from the grid avoided. It is not necessary to configure the power supply hardware to cover brief power peaks. The energy balance with DSE speaks for itself: The power peak required from the grid drops to just one-fifth and energy consumption is reduced by a third. Power supply systems can be much smaller. The capital outlay is lower.



Power Caps

A Proven System For Maximum Dependability

Years of experience in the use of power caps to store energy ensures trouble-free, efficient ­operations. Power caps are already used successfully in the ­DAMBACH COMPACT SHUTTLE, where they replace cables or ­batteries and constitute the shuttle’s energy supply. In the shuttle the very fast recharging time (just 8 s) of the power caps enables 24/7 operations without changing the batteries or long breaks for ­recharging. Furthermore, power caps are very long-lasting, zero-­maintenance units.


What are the advantages of power caps?

  • The energy recovered during braking and lowering is stored in power caps
  • Feeding energy back into the grid is unnecessary
  • That energy is made available directly and efficiently
  • The degree of efficiency is improved
  • Long service life in cold store applications


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Green Logistics

Not Just A Trend, Instead A Competitive Factor

Reducing energy consumption is the challenge facing technology and corporate structures. For in the end, cutting energy consumption is not only an issue for operating costs, but also for the environment. ­Reducing the throughput of a facility is not the right answer here. Implementing DSE in DAMBACH SRMs and vertical conveyors shows that environmental thinking and economic factors are not mutually exclusive. On the contrary, they complement each other. Because DSE not only reduces energy consumption, it also upholds current throughput, indeed can even increase it.


Energy Infrastructure

DSE is the Reliable Answer

Even if there is a poor energy infrastructure at the location or the grid is only designed for low power ­peaks and is prone to failure, efficient warehouses need good power supplies with good availability. Brief grid failures should not lead to malfunctions, and ­voltage peaks must be smoothed out. And if the power supply fails completely, then all equipment must come to a controlled stop.


Through smart recharging of the power caps, partly from the grid, partly from energy recovery, the peak current taken from the grid is reduced by a factor of five – and without this having a negative effect on warehouse throughput.


The recovered energy is not fed back into the grid, instead is reused locally. There is no need for complex grid synchronization and the associated hardware. That improves efficiency and in turn improves the energy balance. Energy consumption is cut by a third.


Peak currents for energy supplies from the grid are compensated for. The hardware required for the grid connection can be made smaller. Energy consumption is reduced.



Enery Management

DSE Cushions Power Peaks Efficiently

The energy stored temporarily in the DSE system is made available for brief power peaks, e.g. for raising loads and accelerating. DSE regulates the recharging of the power caps – either from energy recovery or from the grid during times of low activity – as well as the buffering of the energy. The power supply installations otherwise necessary to cover peak loads are therefore unnecessary. Installations already in place can be used to power additional equipment or improve performance. If DSE is considered right from the start when ­planning a new system, the effect of the smaller power supply is especially efficient.



Pallet Materials Handling

DAMBACH pallet materials handling forms the ideal interface with the high bay warehouse. Reliable and powerful material flows.

Pallet Materials Handling