Vertical Conveyors – Materials Handling Systems

Multi-column lifter for various load dimensions

The DAMBACH Vertical Conveyor lifts efficiency to the next level. The free-standing steel construction utilizes warehouse space optimally. The consistent use of poka-yoke techniques and modularcube design allows both fast installation as well as subsequent positioning in confined conditions. Almost any flow of materials can be taken care of with diverse load-handling devices and conveyor elements – two pallets lengthwise or crosswise, a corner transfer module with or without a change of orientation of the conveyed item, and much more. The DAMBACH Vertical Conveyor is one of the highest performing on the market. Each jack can be delivered with preinstallation and decentralized controls. Deepfreeze compatibility up to -28°C comes included at DAMBACH.

  • Compact construction, small lower approach dimensions
  • Inherently stable multiple-column design for heavy loads: up to 3,000 kg
  • Lift speeds up to 240 m/min, lift heights up to 35 m
  • Hoist drive with chains or cables – depending on the required performance


The ideal solution for the vertical transport of loads

For optimum use of space

Vertical conveyors are used for the vertical transport of loads. The compact design enables a low transfer height at base and optimum use of space. The stable multi-column construction made of galvanized sheet steel can be fully clad if required and meets the highest safety requirements. As an option, the edundant

design allows the lifting gear with or without counterweight. The hoist drive can be mounted on different levels.

Up to two conveyor elements can be used as load carrying devices either side by side or one behind the other. In addition to standard components such as roller or chain conveyors, turntables and corner transfer units can also be integrated. Various optional additions complement the DAMBACH vertical conveyor.

  • On-Board Control
  • Counterweight
  • Progressive Safety Gears
  • Enclosure
  • Cold Store Model for Temps. down to -30°C
  • High-Speed Roll Up Doors