Small Parts Materials Handling

Small parts transported dynamically

High performance with the new DAMBACH conveyor modules for totes, cartons and trays. With decentralized conveying functions and standardized modules, a wide range of material flows can be mapped easily and quickly.


All modules are perfectly matched and can be freely combined. Also thanks to the high level of standardization of individual assemblies. This not only increases flexibility, but also reduces spare parts inventories. The comprehensive container conveyor technology modular system consisting of roller cams, lift converters, infeed and discharge conveyors, accumulating roller conveyors, belt conveyors, lifters and leaves nothing to be desired. Our sales department supports you from the planning phase through layout design to implementation.


The robust design with integrated cable ducts and sensors ensures maximum functional reliability. Motor rollers and side guides are easily accessible without time-consuming disassembly of the cover. A well thought-out hole pattern allows quick attachment of add-on parts and stepless adjustment of the supports.


Thanks to the uniform power supply of the control and drive systems, installation expenses are reduced to a minimum. With the consistent 24 V technology, maintenance costs can also be kept low. Sensors and actuators such as motor rollers are suitable for plug & play - time-consuming wiring work is eliminated. All conveyor modules can be commissioned at the factory for quality control.


  • Variable roller pitch
  • Decentralized control concept
  • Drive with motor rollers
  • Uniform power supply
  • Extensive construction kit



Small Parts Materials Handling Data Sheets

More details?

In our data sheets for DAMBACH small parts materials handling you will find all important basic, performance and technical data.

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