Multi-Deep Storage:
The Extension Arm of the Storage and Retrieval Machine

The DAMBACH COMPACT SHUTTLE for high bay warehouses, makes pallet storage and retrieval even more efficient. Used in conjunction with rail-guided storage and retrieval machines, the COMPACT SHUTTLE enables warehouse operators to achieve really compact, multi-deep pallet storage. To do this, the storage lanes are fitted with rails on which the shuttles can run. Shuttle and storage and retrieval machine (SRM) therefore form one logistical unit: the shuttle runs on the rails to the allotted storage position where it sets down or picks up a pallet, and the SRM transports the shuttle to the correct storage or retrieval point in the warehouse.

Communication with the COMPACT SHUTTLE is by way of a point-to-point radio link. This link monitors itself permanently to guarantee maximum communication reliability.


Especially a combination of transfer cars and COMPACT SHUTTLE can reduce the energy usage, while maintaining a high throughput capacity. This way the DAMBACH COMPACT SHUTTLE can demonstrate  it´s strengths in the pallet-handling sector.

Fast, Flexible, Reliable

Unique among pallet shuttles

Instead of conventional batteries, the DAMBACH COMPACT SHUTTLE is powered by power caps. Recharging of these power caps can take as little as 8 seconds while the shuttle is being transported by the rail-guided storage and retrieval machines. That means uninterrupted 24-hour operation. All DAMBACH COMPACT SHUTTLES are fitted with especially powerful but compact 560 V synchronous servomotors that handle all travelling and raising/lowering functions. With its powerful motor and power caps, the DAMBACH COMPACT SHUTTLE reaches a loading capacity far in excess of that of similar shuttles. Up to 1,500 kg can be quickly and reliably transferred and transported. And the COMPACT SHUTTLE also sets the pace in terms of raising/lowering speed: it needs only 2 seconds for loading or unloading!

  • Energy stored in efficient power caps
  • Recharging time as low as 8 seconds
  • Wireless communication
  • On-board control for all movements
  • Rated loads of up to 1,500 kg
  • Powerful 560 V synchronous servomotors
  • All eight running wheels driven



Pallet Materials Handling

DAMBACH pallet materials handling forms the ideal interface with the high bay warehouse. Reliable and powerful material flows.

Pallet Materials Handling