DAMBACH Material Flow System (MFS)

Higher throughput for your warehouse

The DAMBACH material flow system (MFS) enables easy connection of automated storage and retrieval systems as well as conveyor systems to ERP and warehouse management systems (WMS). The MFS is in charge of dynamic routing strategies and overall material flow management. The software package named MFS-BASIC is distinguished by the variable transport control of storage and retrieval machines, pallet-shuttle-systems, conveyor technology and rail guided vehicle systems. Flexible route strategies enable utilization-dependent regulation of material flows. Whether management of top performance in large floor conveyor systems with switches or optimized buffer space management in conveyor technology systems. The powerful MFS from DAMBACH fulfills many requirements.


Depending on the functional scope of the customer's warehouse management system (WMS), DAMBACH offers the option of an expanded material flow system named the MFS-PLUS. This allows for simplified inventory management and storage strategy - such as sorting, compacting or repositioning are also part of the expanded software solution.


The uniform user interface across all software levels also aids in commissioning, maintenance and during operations. On request, customer-specific CI requirements are displayed in the user interface. DAMBACH visualization is a high-performance, flexible platform for capturing, analyzing and visualizing data from the storage and retrieval machines. For demanding solutions on mobile or integrated display panels. Industrial user functions with intuitive design, management of messages, logging of important process and configuration data, and continuous user management provide for visualization. Thanks to the structured applications, all system information is provided in a transparent manner.

Standardized interfaces to the lower-level DAMBACH storage and conveyor control (PLC) additionally reduce installation time and thus expense.