From aisle to aisle: MULTI rail-guided stacker cranes

Direct access to every storage aisle

The rail-guided stacker cranes of the MULTI series are curve-going models and can reach every storage aisle effortlessly via special rails and points – directly and without the need for a costly mechanical traverser. So operations are not interrupted. This clever solution for changing aisles improves access times considerably in any warehouse system.

Every MULTI stacker crane can serve several storage aisles. That reduces the number of stacker cranes needed and assures optimum utilisation, which helps today’s large automated high bay warehouses to operate efficiently and cost-effectively. 

Intelligent systems ensure availability and a long service life

Intelligent controls coordinate the combined operation of the individual stacker cranes. When several cranes are in use, the operating strategy can be preset via parameters. That guarantees high availability through variable aisle allocation. And in the case of malfunctions, one unit can take over the tasks of another. A further increase in performance is possible at any time by adding more stacker cranes. The stacker cranes of the MULTI series also set standards when it comes to wear as the patented rail geometry corrects the lateral displacement of the chassis on the curves. Compared with conventional rail systems, the running wheels and the rails are therefore ideally protected so you benefit from safe, low-wear guidance around the curves.

  • Rails and points for changing aisles and guaranteeing maximum availability
  • Operation of several MULTI stacker cranes without a fixed aisle allocation
  • Single- or twin-mast versions
  • Overall heights of up to 36 m
  • Lifting capacities of up to 4000 kg 
  • Two drive units for good performance
  • Load-handling equipment by DAMBACH
  • Cold store compatibility down to –30°C


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