Rethinking the warehouse – automation with LOGI-KIT

Automation solution for small parts warehouse and pallet warehouse

LOGI-KIT is the automation alternative for existing warehouses with and without forklift operation. Whether wide-aisle or narrow-aisle warehouses, retrofit automation for pallets and small parts makes logistics fit for the future. Production, trade and logistics service providers benefit equally from LOGI-KIT:


  • More efficient use of space
  • Higher storage and retrieval performance
  • Economic picking
  • Designed for pallets and small parts

LOGI-KIT offers everything from a single source: consulting, profitability calculation, provision of warehouse technology and coordination of implementation, service and support with financing.


Warehouse automation instead of new construction

Your existing warehouse can do more

Buildings with heights of up to 14 meters hold unimagined storage potential. Limiting factors such as low storage space density and manual intralogistics processes exploit this potential only to a very limited extent.


Gain for warehouse operators

As business grows, so does the need for storage space capacity and throughput. With LOGI-KIT, you don't necessarily need a new warehouse. Due to the fast implementation and the savings potential in operation, demand-driven automation is the cost-efficient alternative.


Concentration on the essentials

You don't have to be an automation professional to benefit from state-of-the-art technology - DAMBACH Lagersysteme takes care of that for you. LOGI-KIT is easy to integrate and extremely economical to operate thanks to coherent maintenance concepts.


Minimize investments

Existing buildings and infrastructure can continue to be used. Depending on the LOGI-KIT design, even the existing racking can continue to be used. Costs and investments for a new construction project are completely eliminated. The new storage system can be installed during ongoing operations. This reduces the effort of temporary relocation and removal of the stored goods.



A head start with new generation of storage systems

Optimize your existing warehouse according to your needs

Whether large load carriers such as Euro pallets, industrial pallets, half pallets or small load carriers such as Euro containers and cartons. DAMBACH Lagersysteme offers decisive advantages through modern technology:


  • Best possible performance and cost efficiency ("goods to person")
  • Consistent lightweight construction
  • Can be installed in existing buildings
  • Minimized energy consumption for more sustainability
  • Implementable during operation
  • Reduced risk of accidents or damage
  • Use of existing infrastructure up to the shelf
  • Access protection for stored goods


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More performance through intelligent storage technology

Stay competitive with LOGI-KIT

LOGI-KIT is based on mature and proven technologies such as the fully automatic COMPACT SRM for large load carriers and the MINI-LOAD SRM for small parts storage.


With LOGI-KIT INFINITY shuttles can increase the usable storage space capacity in inventory warehouses by up to 100%. The stacker cranes transport the shuttles to the predetermined rack lanes. Shuttles drive into the rack lanes independently, without cables or batteries, and pick up or deliver pallets there. Multiple-deep storage of up to 35 pallets is possible without any problems.


Depending on the requirements LOGI-KIT ZERO can increase storage and retrieval performance many times over. Existing racks can continue to be used without conversion measures. Storage performance is adapted to changing customer needs with minimal investment.


For the efficient storage and economical picking of small parts comes LOGI-KIT MINI for use. Individual workstation access to totes or cartons enables high storage and retrieval performance. Ergonomically designed workstations ensure a reliable picking process and increase picking performance.


The DAMBACH pallet conveying systems and small parts conveying systems ensure smooth transport in the apron. With the modular system, suitable material flow and picking solutions can be implemented for a wide range of applications.


The DAMBACH Material Flow System (MFS) can also be easily integrated into an existing IT environment. With the MFS, the material flow of the warehouse system is optimized and throughput is maximized. Through the digitalization of the material flow and autonomous control of the warehouse process, transparency and "Internet of Things" (IoT) become a reality.


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Minimal investment by using the existing infrastructure up to the rack. The turnover rate can also be doubled.



For maximum storage density by using multiple-deep storage with pallet-shuttle. Flexibly adaptable to many building geometries.



Automated small parts storage for a wide range of applications – whether as picking-, buffer- or distribution storage. A variety of small parts carriers and small containers can be stored efficiently with the LOGI-KIT MINI.



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