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Rethinking the production warehouse – automation with LOGI-KIT

Your one-stop automation solution

LOGI-KIT is the alternative automation option for existing warehouses. Whether forklifts in wide aisles or industrial trucks in narrow aisles, automation is achievable. Hauliers, logistics contractors, and warehouse operators all benefit to the same degree.


LOGI-KIT is the all-in-one solution: consulting, profitability calculations, provision of warehousing technology, coordinating the implementation, and, on request, also help with financing.


Warehouse automation instead of new build

Your manufacturing warehouse can do more

Buildings up to 15 m tall can hide unimagined storage potential. However, limiting factors such as low storage density and manual intralogistics processes do not allow this potential to be used to the full.


Gains for warehouse operators

As a business grows, so does the need for storage capacity and higher throughput rates. Implementing LOGI-KIT means a new production warehouse might not be necessary. Owing to the fast realization and potential savings in operating costs plus the enhanced storage capacity and throughput rates, customized automation is the cost-effective alternative.


Concentrating on the essentials

You don’t have to be an automation specialist to benefit from the very latest technology – DAMBACH Lagersysteme does that for you. LOGI-KIT is easy to integrate and, thanks to logical maintenance concepts, extremely economic in operation.


Minimal investment

Existing buildings and infrastructure continue to be used. Depending on the LOGI-KIT configuration, it is even possible to continue using existing racking. No need to invest in a new build project with all the associated costs. The new warehouse system can be installed during ongoing operations. That lowers the cost of temporarily relocating the stock.



The advantage of new-generation warehouse systems

Simply adapt your existing production warehouse to your needs

Whether Euro pallets, industrial pallets, half-size formats or plastic pallets for the chemicals and foodstuffs industries, DAMBACH Lagersysteme can supply the newest technology so you get crucial advantages:

DAMBACH Lagersysteme bieten entscheidende Vorteile durch hochmoderne Technik:


  • Best possible energy, performance, and cost efficiencies (“goods to man ”)
  • Consistent lightweight designs
  • Suitable for existing buildings
  • Minimal energy consumption for better sustainability
  • Installation during ongoing operations
  • No forklifts means a reduced risk of accidents and damage
  • Use of the existing infrastructure right down to the racking


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Minimal investment by using the existing infrastructure up to the rack. The turnover rate can also be doubled.



For maximum storage density by using multiple-deep storage with pallet-shuttle. Flexibly adaptable to many building geometries.


Higher performance through intelligent storage technology

Remain competitive with LOGI-KIT

LOGI-KIT is based on sophisticated, proven technologies such as the fully automatic COMPACT storage and retrieval machine for movements in the aisle and on the vertical plane. The COMPACT SHUTTLE load handling attachment can be used for multiple depth storage and the swivel traverse fork for compact single depth storage with classic pallet racks.


With LOGI-KIT INFINITY, you can increase the usable position capacity in warehouses by up to 100% through shuttles. The storage and retrieval machines transport the shuttles to the specified rack channels. Free of cables and batteries, shuttles automatically travel to the rack channels and load or unload pallets. Multiple depth storage of up to 35 pallets is possible. The result is a very compact, automatic manufacturing warehouse in a channel layout.


Depending on the production warehouse requirements, LOGI-KIT ZERO can be used to increase system performance significantly by using automatic storage and retrieval machines with swivel traverse forks. Existing racks can continue to be used without requiring any conversion measures. The number of pallet movements per aisle is more than tripled. The aisle change feature enables one storage and retrieval machine to attend to multiple racks, optimizing warehouse performance and adapting it to customer needs with a minimal investment. In an average warehouse with 10 aisles and 5 narrow-aisle stackers, 2 curve-going storage and retrieval machines can achieve the same handling capacity.


This high-performance pallet handling technology is integrated into the rack to save space and acts as an interface between goods receiving and issue. Thanks to the wide range of goods handling technologies, just the right pick zones can be realized for a large number of applications.


The DAMBACH material flow calculator can also easily be integrated into an existing IT environment. This calculator is used to optimize the material flow of the storage system and maximize throughput. A digitalized material flow and autonomous control of the storage process make transparency and the Internet of Things (IoT) a reality.


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A compelling result

On the way to your most efficient production warehouse

Focusing on efficiency

The customer’s needs and the potential for automation are assessed prior to implementing a LOGI-KIT solution. DAMBACH Lagersysteme checks the viability of the solution together with you.


Your implementation partner

DAMBACH Lagersysteme offers comprehensive, targeted help and advice across all areas of the work for the optimization of your production warehouse. As a successful supplier we are familiar with all the applications, all the solutions – also for complex and technically challenging warehouse systems. Whether you have a 40 m high rack-supported cold store with high-tech installations or warehouse systems with less complex technology and low investments, it is the individual customer requirements that are crucial.


Expertise from the experts

As a family-run business, we understand both the market and our customers in the SME sector. Our expertise is based on 45 years of experience with warehouse systems and a quality philosophy that we implement successfully in practice through development and production at one location in Germany.



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You already have an existing fully automated high-bay warehouse and are looking for a retrofit supplier? DAMBACH offers numerous modernization solutions for storage and retrieval machines and conveyor technology.